Washington v. Winston-Salem Prep

Washington Panthers


Game time: 8:00 PM

Washington FINAL Winston-Salem Prep
59    72
J.J. Guedet  17 pts  Daivien Williamson 25 pts

Orangeville Prep v. Tennessee Prep



Game time: 6:30 PM

80    74
Ignas Brazdeikis 32 pts. Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe 21 pts  Antavion Collum 29 pts

Sam Houston MSTC v. Belleville West



Game time: 5:00 PM

Sam Houston MSTC  FINAL Belleville West
84    74
 Kendric Davis 30 pts 9 asts 5 stls  EJ Liddell 28 pts 12 rbs 11 blks

Montgomery Carver v. St Louis Confluence

Carver Wolverines


Game time: 3:30 PM

Confluence Academy Titans
Montgomery Carver  FINAL St Louis Confluence
83    65
Jalen Gaston 28 pts Brandon Fredrick 25 pts

Pekin v. Chicago Leo



Game time: 1:30 PM

Pekin FINAL Chicago Leo
 46  63
Jace Link 20 pts  Dechaun Anderson 14 pts

St. Louis Christian v. The Rise Centre Academy


Game time: 12:00 PM

 48    70
 Bailey Dee 17 pts Deon Ejim 16 pts. Adong Makuoi 12 pts 10 rbs 5 blks

College Park – Greensboro Smith



Game time: 10:30 AM

College Park FINAL  Greensboro Smith
 60   76
Shannon Scott 14 pts  Isaiah Bigelow 32 pts

Chicago Uplift – Urbana



Game time: 9:00 AM

Chicago Uplift  FINAL Urbana
 83    75
Markese Jacobs 37 pts, Toraze Dobbs 15 pts 13 rbs Kamari Ray 19 pts

The Rise Centre Academy v. Orangeville Prep



Game time: 9:00 PM

56   66
Adam Francolini 18 pts  Ignas Brazdeikis 27 pts

Chicago Leo vs Washington Panthers



Game time: 7:30 PM

Washington Panthers
Chicago Leo  FINAL Washington Panthers
74    67
 Fred Cleveland 26 pts Adrian Ware 26 pts

Whitnall, WI v. Chicago Orr



Game time: 6:00 PM

 56    83
 Tyler Herro 18 pts  Raekwon Drake 19 pts 3 blks (MVP)

Belleville West – Montgomery Carver



Game time: 4:30 PM

Carver Wolverines
Belleville West FINAL Montgomery Carver
 75   65
EJ Liddell 30 pts 14 rbs 7 blks Jaykwon Walton 28 pts 9 rbs

St Louis Confluence – Sam Houston MSTC

Confluence Academy Titans


Game time: 3:00 PM

St Louis Confluence FINAL  Sam Houston MSTC
 63    92
Brandon Fredrick 22 pts Kendric Davis 22 pts 11 asts 5 stls

Tennessee Prep v. St. Louis Christian



Game time: 1:15 PM

 66   76
Antavion Collum 18 pts Bailey Dee 24 pts 5 res 4 asts

College Park – Chicago Uplift



Game time: 11:45 AM

College Park  FINAL Chicago Uplift
87    72
Quentin Grimes 35 pts 7 asts  Toraze Dobbs 17 pts 11 rbs

Urbana – Greensboro Smith



Game time: 10:15 AM

Urbana FINAL Greensboro Smith
52 93
Payton sheen 14 pts  Isaiah Bigelow 26 pts

Winston-Salem Prep – Pekin



Game time: 8:45 AM

Winston-Salem Prep FINAL Pekin
51     63
Daivien Williamson 19 pts Adam Cash 19 pts

Sam Houston MSTC v. Greensboro Smith



Game time: 8:30 PM

 70    63
Kendric Davis 30 pts 6 asts Isaiah Bigelow 22 pts

The Rise Centre Academy, Canada v. Tennessee Prep, TN



Game time: 7:00 PM

 79   73
Avan Nava 21 pts. Deon Ejim 19 pts Antavion Collum 29 pts Traizon Byrd 27 pts- 7 stls

Orangeville Prep, Canada v. St. Louis Christian, MO



Game time: 5:30 PM

 71   60
 Ignas Brazdeikis 28 pts 9 rbs 4 asts Ivan Mikhieiev 16 pts

Winston-Salem Prep v. Montgomery Carver



Game time: 4:00 PM

Carver Wolverines
 65    78
 Chaz Gwyn 24 pts  Jaykwon Walton 30 pts

Greensboro Smith, NC v. Chicago Leo



Game time: 9:30 PM

68   55
Isaiah Bigelow 14 pts Camren Hayes 16 pts  Fred Cleveland 21 pts 4 asts

Washington v. Urbana

Washington Panthers


Game time: 8:00 PM

 62    66
 Adrian Ware 26 pts 6 rbs 3 asts  Tyran Pickett 11 pts 5 rbs 3 stls
Payton Sheen 12 pts 4 rbs
Keanu Duke 16 pts 6 rbs

Pekin v. College Park



Game time: 6:30 PM

 78    83
Jace Link
22 pts 6 res 6 stls
Max Jones 15 pts
Quentin Grimes 27 pts- 10 rbs- 6 asts
Shannon Scott 21 pts

Chicago Uplift v. Winston-Salem Prep, NC



Game time: 3:30 PM

 60   72
Toraze Dobbs 19 pts 19 rbs Daivien Williamson 26 pts

Hillsboro, MO v. De Pue



Game time: 3:30 PM

73    62
Michael Brewer 25 pts (MVP).
Gaven Pinkley 15 pts 9 rbs 7 asts
Eddie Moreno 20 pts

Chicago Leo v. Sam Houston MSTC, TX



Game time: 1:45 PM

 63    68
 Fred Cleveland 15 pts 4 asts
Malcom Bell 20 pts
 Kendric Davis 30 pts 10 asts
Chris Green 22 pts

College Park, TX v. Belleville West



Game time: 12:15 PM

65    85
 Quentin Grimes 23 pts 8 rbs 5 asts 4 blks  EJ Liddell 35 pts 8 rbs 5 asts 4 blks

Montgomery Carver, AL v. Chicago Uplift

Carver Wolverines


Game time: 10:45 AM

 73    84
Jaykwon Walton 26 pts, Jalen Gaston 25 pts Toraze Dobbs 28 pts- 10 rbs. Markese Jacobs 20 pts

Urbana v. St. Louis Confluence



Game time: 9:15 AM

Confluence Academy Titans
62    91
Corez Anderson 15 pts Leon Perry 31 pts 15 rbs 3 blks  Brandon Fredrick 27 pts 4 asts

Belleville West v. Pekin



Game time: 8:45 PM

 87   42 
 Cameron Clark
12 PTS
EJ Liddell 15 PTS 7 RBS
 Adam Cash 12 PTS

St. Louis Confluence, MO v. Washington

Confluence Academy Titans


Game time: 7:15 PM

Washington Panthers
 70    46
 Brandon Fredrick
35 PTS
   Adrian Ware

St. Louis Whitfield School, MO v. Chicago Corliss



Game time: 5:45 PM

 47    67
Torrence Watson
21 PTS
Luther Taylor
13 PTS 8 RBS
George Conditt (MVP)
19 PTS- 18 RBS- 9 BLKS
Dhashon Dyson
12 PTS

Indianapolis Howe, IN v. Illini Bluffs

Howe Hornets- ogo


Game time: 4:15 PM

103   65
 Tony Hopkins (MVP)
23 PTS 12 RBS
Kycia Washington
Jefty Sultzer
24 PTS 7 RBS
Jamil Turner-Hall
 Braden Cox
15 PTS

ToC Updates 2017




The 12th Annual ToC has come and gone, but there were several big time memories created by the teams and players involved in this year’s event!

10 Best Performers:

Kendric Davis, Sam Houston MSTC- 28 ppg, 9 apg, 5 spg

E.J. Liddell, Belleville West- 27 ppg- 10 rpg- 6 bpg

Quentin Grimes, College Park- 23 ppg- 9 rpg- 7 apg

Ignas Brazdeikis, Orangeville Prep- 29 ppg- 10 rpg

Isaiah Bigelow, Greensboro Smith- 24 ppg- 8 rpg

Antavion Collum, Tennessee Prep- 25 ppg- 10 rpg

Jaykwon Walton, Montgomery Carver- 24 ppg- 6 rpg

George Conditt, Chicago Corliss- 19 pts, 18 rbs- 9 blks

Daivien Williamson, Winston-Salem Prep- 23 ppg- 3 apg

Brandon Fredrick, St. Louis Confluence- 27 ppg- 3 spg

10 Players you have never heard of- but now you know who they are!

Isaiah Bigelow, Greensboro Smith- Overall the most underrated player in the event.  Huge potential- will play at the highest levels.

Daivien Williamson, Winston-Salem Prep- Blow by speed with the dribble!

Brandon Fredrick, St. Louis Confluence- Quick on quick with a deep range jumper.

Avan Nava, The Rise Centre Academy:  Sweet stroke from deep!

Adam Cash, Pekin- Only a freshman!  Played very well throughout the event.

Lawrence Brazil, Belleville West- Came to play every day, excellent defender.

Camren Hayes, Greensboro Smith- An elite PG in the 2020 national recruiting class.

Leon Perry, St. Louis Confluence- An explosive wing who has great court sense.

Adam Francolini, The Rise Centre Academy- A pure shooter from deep range.

Chris Green, Sam Houston MSTC- Athletic wing who can get to the basket off the drive.

10+ Best Dunkers!

Silas Mason, Greensboro Smith

Quentin Grimes, College Park

Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe, Orangeville Prep

Marlon Jackson, Sam Houston MSTC

Markese Jacobs, Chicago Uplift

E.J. Liddell, Belleville West

Mike Flenory, Chicago Uplift

Jaykwon Walton, Montgomery Carver

Raekwon Drake, Chicago Orr

Gaven Pinkley and Michael Brewer, Hillsboro

10 Best Perimeter Shooters!

Isaiah Bigelow, Greensboro Smith

Jaykwon Walton, Montgomery Carver

Chaz Gwyn, Winston-Salem Prep

Brandon Fredrick, St. Louis Confluence

Tyler Herro, Whitnall

Fred Cleveland, Chicago Leo

Quentin Grimes, College Park

Jalen Gaston, Montgomery Carver

Corez Anderson, Urbana

Brian Hernandez, Chicago Orr

10 Best Scorers

Quentin Grimes, College Park

E.J. Liddell, Belleville West

Ignas Brazdeikis, Orangeville Prep

Kendric Davis, Sam Houston MSTC

Isaiah Bigelow, Greensboro Smith

Jaykwon Walton, Montgomery Carver

Daivien Williamson, Winston-Salem Prep

Brandon Fredrick, St. Louis Confluence

Antavion Collum, Tennessee Prep

Tyler Herro, Whitnall

10 Best Backcourt Distributors!

Quentin Grimes, College Park

Kendric Davis, Sam Houston MSTC

Chase Adams, Chicago Orr

Antavion Collum, Tennesee Prep

Camren Hayes, Greensboro Smith

Avan Nava, The Rise Centre Academy

Fred Cleveland, Chicago Leo

Daivien Williamson, Winston-Salem Prep

Malachi Smith, Belleville West

Henry Hampton, Sam Houston MSTC

10 Best Contributors in the Paint:  (Scoring/ Defense/ Rebounding/ Blocking Shots)

E.J. Liddell, Belleville West

George Conditt, Chicago Corliss

Adong Makuoi, The Rise Centre Academy

Toraze Dobbs, Chicago Uplift

Raekwon Drake, Chicago Orr

Leon Perry, St. Louis Confluence

Jaylan Gainey, Greensboro Smith

Joe Jones, Orangeville Prep

Keith Randolph, Belleville West

Dannie Smith, Chicago Orr

November 8, 2017

The ToC is less than 2 weeks away!  Here are a few things to watch for in this year’s event!


Illini Bluffs returns 4 starters from last season’s team as they prepare for one of the elite small school teams in Indiana- Indy Howe.  Howe is led by 6’5″ Sr. Tony Hopkins (New Orleans).

Chicago Corliss and St. Louis Whitfield School will be a great matchup as Corliss’ 6’11” Sr. George Conditt will look to stop the slashing guard play of Whitfield and their Star-Guard Torrence Watson.

Washington kicks off their season with a tough matchup, St. Louis Confluence Prep.  The Panthers will look to push the ball against the Titans, while attempting to stop Confluence’s super scorer, Leon Perry.  The 6’7″ Sr. Perry averaged 28 points a game last season.

Belleville West will be playing in their first ToC game against pesky Pekin.  The Maroons are led by 6’7″ Jr. E.J. Liddell and 6’4″ Sr. Malachi Smith.  Pekin has several heady ball players who can score the ball from deep range.  Keep an eye on 6’4″ Sr. Jace Link and 6’5″ So. Justin Taphorn for the Dragons.

ToC Collegiate Commitments for the Fall

From the ToC Shootout Series:  

George Conditt, Chicago Corliss, 6’11” C – committed to Iowa State

Torrence Watson, St. Louis Whitfield School, 6’5″ SG- committed to Missouri

Tyronn Mosley, Chicago Orr, 6’5″ CG- committed to UW-Milwaukee

Tony Hopkins, Indianapolis Howe  6’5″ SF- committed to New Orleans

From the Washington Invitational:

Kendric Davis, Sam Houston MSTC, 5’10” PG- committed to TCU

Isaiah Bigelow, Greensboro  Smith, 6’6″ SF- committed to Charlotte

Daivien Williamson, Winston-Salem Prep, 6’1″ PG- committed to East Tennessee State

Malachi Smith, Belleville West, 6’4″ PG- committed to Wright State

Jaylan Gainey, Greensboro Smith, 6’10” C- committed to Brown

Jacob Crutchfield (6’0″ PG) and Jaylin Gamble (6’8″ PF), Greensboro Smith- committed to Fayetteville State (DII)

Shannon Scott, College Park- committed to Labette Community College

From the National Classic:  USA v. CANADA

Ignas Brazdeikis, Orangeville Prep, 6’8″ SF- committed to Michigan

Liam Courtney, The Rise Centre Academy, 7’0″ C- committed to Colgate



The 12th Annual Tournament of Champions is excited to announce a new format to this year’s tremendous field.  The National Classic has been changed to an “International Classic” as two teams from the United States challenge two of the top teams from Canada!  

The Orangeville Prep Bears and the Rise Centre Academy Wolfpack will feature elite talent that includes numerous future Division I stars, including Orangeville’s 6’8″ Sr. Ignas Brazdeikis and 6’7″ So. Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe who are both Top 50 players in their respective national recruiting classes.  TRC Academy will feature one of the elite dunkers in North America- 6’9″ Sr. Adong Makuoi.

Tennessee Prep and St. Louis Christian from the World Prep Association will tangle with these two mega-powers from Canada.  TPA’s 6’8″ Jr. Antavion Collum is one of the most versatile players in America.  Collum will run the point for a team that will feature a boat-load of DI talent.  The SLCA Cougars return to the ToC and will feature several young, budding stars including 6’9″ 8th grader Teke Musaka!

The WASHINGTON INVITATIONAL will feature 12 outstanding high school teams from around the nation.  

The #1 seed in the event is the Sam Houston Math & Science Tigers who finished 34-3, last season.  The Tigers are led by 5’10” Sr. Kendric Davis who has already committed to TCU for next season.  Davis led the Tigers in scoring, assists and steals last season.  A second Texas team to watch is the College Park Cavaliers who features Top 10 talent- 6’5″ Sr. Quentin Grimes.  The Cavs High-Major PG Grimes averaged 28 points a game last season for College Park.

Two teams from North Carolina will also be vying for  the WI crown.  Greensboro Smith and Winston-Salem Prep will feature several future DI performers.  The Smith Golden Eagles will feature 6’7″ So. Silas Mason (Top 50) and 6’6″ Sr. Isaiah Bigelow.  The W-S Prep Phoenix will feature a super quick backcourt led by 6’1″ Sr. Daivien Williamson, 6’1″ Sr. Justice Goodloe and 6’2″ Jr. Chaz Gwyn.

The Montgomery Carver Wolverines make a return visit to the ToC.  The Wolverines were the 2014 WI Champions when they defeated Chicago Kenwood.  Carver is led by 6’6″ Jr. Jaykwon Walton and 6’4″ So. Antwan Burnett, who are both rated as the top players in the Alabama 2019 and 2020 classes.  St. Louis Confluence Prep Academy makes their first appearance in the ToC.  The Titans are led by 6’7″ Sr. Leon Perry (28 ppg) and 5’10” Sr. Brandon Fredrick.

Illinois schools- Washington, Urbana, Chicago Leo, Belleville West, Pekin and defending Washington Invitational Champion Chicago Uplift will battle for the title in this year’s event.  Belleville West is the #1 Illinois seed in the tournament and are led by Top 100 talent 6’7″ Jr. E.J. Liddell and 6’4″ Sr. Malachi Smith.  Five-six Jr. Fred Cleveland (Leo), 5’11” Sr. Adrian Ware (Washington) and 6’5″ Sr. Toraze Dobbs (Uplift) return for another ToC appearance.

The ToC will also feature four exciting shootout games which will include:

Illini Bluffs challenging Indianapolis Howe on Tuesday, November 21st.  Howe is led by the slick combo of 5’11” Jr. Kycia Washington and 6’5″ Sr. Tony Hopkins.  St. Louis Whitfield School, MO will tangle with Chicago Corliss on the same night.  Whitfield School is led by 6’5″ Sr. All-America Torrence Watson (28 ppg).  Corliss is led by 6’11” Sr. George Conditt.

On Wednesday, November 22nd- De Pue H.S. will meet a big challenge when they face the Hillsboro Hawks of Missouri.  De Pue has an enrollment of 114 students while Hillsboro comes in with an enrollment of 1,100.  This is the David v. Goliath matchup!  De Pue returns all five starters from last season’s 26-4 campaign.  The Hawks are led by the strong duo of 6’8″ Sr. Gaven Pinkley and 6’5″ Jr. Michael Brewer.

THEE top Shootout game will be played on Friday, November 24th, when Whitnall, WI faces defending Illinois 2A champions, Chicago Orr.  The Falcons are led by 6’5″ Sr. All-America Tyler Herro who averaged 28 points per game last season.  Orr is led by four DI seniors: 6’5″ Tyronn Mosley, 6’5″ Dannie Smith, 6’6″ Raekwon Drake and 5’4″ Chase Adams.


The ToC Pre-Season All-Collegiate Team has been announced:  You can go to the NEWS Section and click on Where are they NOW? to find out more information about the top ToC collegiate players of the upcoming season.

Top players to watch in 2017-2018

6’6″ Sr. Trevon Bluiett, Xavier

6’10” Jr.  Ethan Happ, Wisconsin

6’11” So.  Austin Wiley, Auburn

6’2″  Sr.  Jevon Carter, West Virginia

6’7″  Jr.  Jordan Caroline, Nevada

7’0″  Fr.  Mohamed Bamba, Texas

7’0″  So.  Udoka Azubuike, Kansas

6’6″  So.  Charles Matthews, Michigan

6’6″  Sr.  Jaron Hopkins, Fresno State

6’6″ Jr. Chris Clarke, Virginia Tech

6’7″  Sr.  Vic Law, Northwestern

6’8″  Fr.  Kezie Okpala, Stanford

6’7″  Fr.  Brian Bowen, Louisville

6’5″  So.  Xavier Sneed, Kansas State

6’10” Jr.  James Thompson, Eastern Michigan

6’6″  Fr.  Nickeill Alexander-Walker, Virginia Tech



The 2017 Tournament of Champions is right around the corner!  This year’s event will feature the Washington Invitational, National Classic and ToC Shootout Series.  The 24-team field will be announced on July 15th with all games being held at Washington Community High School.


The 2017 NBA Draft was held last week and four former ToC performers were amongst the group of 60 hoops stars selected.   D.J. Wilson of the University of Michigan was chosen in the first round of the draft by the Milwaukee Bucks.  Wilson played in the 2013 ToC for Sacramento Capital Christian and earned MVP honors after leading his team to the Super Showdown championship crown.

Sterling Brown of SMU and Nigel Williams-Goss of Gonzaga were both taken in the 2nd round of the draft.  Brown was an All-ToC performer for Proviso East in 2011.  Williams-Goss was the starting PG for Findlay Prep in 2010.  Brown was taken by the Philadelphia 76’ers, but was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks, at the conclusion, of the draft.  Williams-Goss was selected by the Utah Jazz.

The fourth and final player selected in the NBA Draft was a special talent that graced the floor of Washington Community High School from 2009 through 2013.  ALEC PETERS was the best player in the 2012 ToC, and now that he has been drafted by the Phoenix Suns, he is an authentic Basketball Legend of Tazewell County.

Another former ToC star was also signed by a NBA team moments after the draft.  JeQuan Lewis of VCU was signed to a free agent contract by the Milwaukee Bucks.  Lewis was MVP of the 2012 Super Showdown event after scoring 50 points in a single game for Dickson County, TN against Grandview, Missouri.  Lewis becomes the 38th NBA player from the ToC!

The ToC would like to wish continued success to these five young men and the best of luck to six other ToC alums who are fighting for NBA roster spots as free agents.  The list of former ToC players who will be playing in the NBA Summer League include:

*Malcolm Hill, University of Illinois/ Belleville East HS, 2011

Oklahoma City Thunder

*Mangok Mathiang, University of Louisville/ Brehm Prep Academy, 2010

Charlotte Hornets

*Landen Lucas, Kansas University/ Findlay Prep, 2010

Boston Celtics

*Naz Mitrou-Long, Iowa State University/ Findlay Prep, 2010

Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers

*Dylan Ennis, University of Oregon/ Lake Forest Academy, 2009

Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder

*Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Florida State University/ Huntington Prep, 2011

New York Knicks


There are several free agent ball players who have great chances of finding a NBA roster spot for the upcoming season.  Former ToC star Cameron Clark of Oklahoma University and Sherman, TX (2009) put up huge numbers in France this past season.  2007 ToC stars D.J. Cooper (Hales Franciscan) and Xavier Gibson (Dothan Northview) both had super seasons abroad as well.

Three NBDL (now referred to as the G-League) players will continue chasing their NBA dreams this Summer and Fall.   Patrick Miller (Hales Franciscan- 2008), Roosevelt Jones (O’Fallon- 2010) and Stefan Jankovic (Huntington Prep- 2011) look to find a spot with a NBA franchise.

MALCOLM BROGDON was named the 2017 NBA Rookie of the Year!  Brogdon was the first 2nd round draft choice to ever be named Rookie of the Year.  Brogdon was an All-Tournament performer in the Tournament of Champions in 2008.

Madness in March- ToC

Madness in MarchIt has been quite the year for former ToC teams and players! State Championships, All-Americans and NBA All-Stars have been all the rage this past winter. Let’s start on the High School level STATE CHAMPIONS

  • Five 2016 ToC teams have won post-season championships!  Anaheim Esperanza (30-3) won the California Division II state championship with a 72-65 victory over Moreau Catholic.  Kezie Okpala had a sensational season for the Aztecs!  Okpala averaged 30 points and 11 rebounds per game.  A shout-out goes to Coach Mark Hill and his squad for a tremendous season.  Travis Kettering, Brendan Harrick, Jared Obermeier, Brandon Alpern and the Geiger Brothers were amazing every step of the way.
  • The Spartanburg Day School Griffins (30-6) finished as State Champions in South Carolina.  6’7″ Jr. Zion Williamson averaged 37 points and 15 rebounds per game and was a viral sensation with his thunderous dunks and highlight reel performances.  Junior guard Chandler Lindsey also got into the highlight groove with some incredible dunks of his own!  Congrats, Griffins and Coach Lee Sartor!
  • Faith Christian School played a rigorous schedule which helped lead them to another Virginia State Championship!   The Warriors were led by 7’2″ Sr. Brendan Newton (20 ppg- 14 rpg) and Noah Barnhart (15 ppg).
  • Wesley Christian School, KY and Redemption Christian Academy, NY both won National Championships within their school’s federation affiliations.  RCA’s Chris Duarte was unstoppable in the post-season averaging 33 points an outing.


  • Several ToC performers lit up the scoreboard this past season!
  • Cooper Neese of Cloverdale averaged nearly 30 points per game and became Indiana’s 7th All-Time leading scorer with 2,496 points!  Neese will participate in the National 3-point competition in Phoenix on April 2nd.  He will attend Butler University next season.
  • Other top scorers included: Zion Williamson, Spartanburg Day 37 ppg; Taylor Bruninga, Illini Bluffs 33 ppg; Kezie Okpala, Esperanza 30 ppg; Parker Stewart, Union City 29 ppg; Courvoisier Mc Cauley 28 ppg and Jalen Moore, Cloverdale 27 ppg.


  • The Washington Panthers had another tremendous season finishing, 24-6.  Devin Whitelow collected several awards throughout the season and will be attending Winona State University in the Fall.
  • Several ToC teams finished the season with over 20 victories: Wesley Christian (33), Esperanza (30), Spartanburg Day (30), Redemption Christian (24), Washington (24), Legacy Charter (24), Harvest Christian (24), Illini Bluffs (24), Faith Christian (23), Chicago Uplift (23),  Sunrise Christian (23), Union City (20), Chicago Kenwood (20) and St. Louis Miller Career (20).
  • Former ToC stars Mohamed Bamba (Westtown School) and Brian Bowen (La Lumiere School) were named to the McDonald’s All-America Team.  Bamba recorded 17 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in the game.


  • Three former ToC stars were named to the NABC All-America team.  Nigel Williams-Goss (Findlay Prep- 2010) of Gonzaga was named to 2nd Team while Valpo’s Alec Peters (Washington- 2012) and Wisconsin’s Ethan Happ (Rockridge- 2013) were named to the 3rd team.   Peters became the All-Time leading scorer and rebounder for Valparaiso!  Paris Lee (Proviso East) of Illinois State was named HM All-America.
  • Three former ToC standouts are a part of the NCAA Final Four!  Nigel Wiliams-Goss of Gonzaga, Dylan Ennis (Lake Forest Academy- 2009) of Oregon and Ran Tut (Brehm Prep- 2010) of South Carolina will be in Phoenix for the Final Four.
  • West Virginia’s Jevon Carter (Proviso East) was named the NABC College Defensive Player of the Year!
  • The ToC All-College Team consists of the following players
    • Player of the Year: Alec Peters, 6’9″ Sr. Valparaiso, 23 ppg- 10 rpg
    • Nigel Williams-Goss, 6’3″ Jr.  Gonzaga,  17 ppg- 6 rpg- 5 apg
    • Ethan Happ, 6’10” So.  Wisconsin, 14 ppg- 9 rpg
    • Trevon Bluiett, 6’6″ Jr.  Xavier, 19 ppg- 6 rpg (Indianapolis Park Tudor- 2011)
    • JeQuan Lewis, 6’1″ Sr.  VCU, 15 ppg- 5 apg- 3 spg (Dickson County-2012)
  • You can check out all the other top players on the Where are they Now? link of the NEWS Section!
    • Most Improved Player- D.J. Wilson, 6’10” So. Michigan (Sacramento Capital Christian- 2013)
    • Top Freshmen- Austin Wiley, 6’11” C  Auburn (Spain Park- 2015) and Xavier Sneed, 6’6″ SG Kansas State (Hazelwood Central-2015)
    • Top Small School Players- Lane Mahurin, 6’8″ Sr.  Indiana Wesleyan (Rockville- 2012) and Torren Jones, 6’9″ Sr. William Penn University (Chandler Basha- 2010)
    • Top JUCO Player- James Batemon, 6’1″ So.  North Dakota Science (Milwaukee Riverside- 2012)


  • The LA Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan was named to the NBA All-Star game alongside Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans. Jordan is the 2nd former ToC performer to be named to the NBA All-Star game!  Davis was named MVP of the game, recording 52 points on the night!
  • Buddy Hield (Sunrise Christian- 2011) of the Sacramento Kings and Myles Turner (Trinity- 2013) of the Indiana Pacers star in the NBA Rising Stars All-Star Game.
  • Wayne Selden (Tilton School- 2011) became the 33rd NBA player from the ToC!  Selden is currently playing for the Memphis Grizzlies after a short stint with the New Orleans Pelicans.
  • Yogi Ferrell (Indianapolis Park Tudor- 2011) signs as a free agent with the Dallas Mavericks and scores 32 points in his very first game with the team.



2016 ToC Recap

Devin Whitelow
Devin Whitelow

The Oglethorpe Tournament of Champions was once again filled with top teams, elite players and super highlights!  The following is a list of the 10 top Highlights from this year’s event!

  1. ZION WILLIAMSON of Spartanburg Day School put on the greatest performance in ToC History when soared to the bucket for a record-tying 50 points and 10 dunks in the Griffins victory over Proviso East.  Williamson finished the tournament with 117 points, 48 rebounds and an astonishing 21 slam dunks!   Williamson was named the Most Outstanding Player in the Washington Invitational and finished as one of the All-Time ToC Greats!
  2. KEZIE OKPALA of Anaheim Esperanza lived up to the hype, scoring a record breaking 133 points in the tournament.   Okpala led his Aztecs to a 2nd place finish in the Washington Invitational with averages of 33.3 points and 10.5 rebounds per outing.  Okpala was named the MVP in the Washington Invitational.
  3. CHICAGO UPLIFT was a high-scoring machine throughout the ToC.  Markese Jacobs, Demarius Jacobs and Toraze Dobbs were all named to the Washington Invitational All-Tournament team.  The Titans scored 106 points in a victory over Marmion Academy and won the Washington Invitational crown by defeating Anaheim Esperanza in the finale.
  4. DEVIN WHITELOW of Washington finished his 4-year career in the ToC by becoming the event’s career leader in assists and steals.  Whitelow was named to his 3rd consecutive ToC All-Tournament team and finished his career as the event’s 4th all-time leading scorer.
  5. COOPER NEESE v.  TAYLOR BRUNINGA was a tremendous small-school shootout matchup that more than lived up to the hype!  Cloverdale’s Neese hit jumpers from 35 feet and scored 30 points as he led his Clovers to a 76-68 victory over Illini Bluffs.  The Tigers were led by Bruninga who finished his game with 37 points and 17 boards.
  6. FRED CLEVELAND of Chicago Urban-Prep Englewood displayed amazing ball handling skills and deep range scoring as he led the Lions to the ToC Showdown title.  Cleveland was named MVP of the Showdown, averaging 15 points and 3 assists for the tournament.
  7. CHRIS DUARTE of Redemption Christian was MVP of the National Classic as he led his teammates to the championship.  Duarte sees the floor very well and explodes to the basket on the break.  He is a future star guard at the next level.
  8. The 3 best dunks of the ToC!  GOLD MEDAL– Zion Williamson of Spartanburg Day with 15 of his 21 slams.  SILVER MEDAL– Elliot Gongora of Uplift with the Dr. J sweep Dunk!  BRONZE MEDAL- Markese Jacobs of Uplift with the windmill.
  9. All the record breaking performances of the week.
  10. Sharing Thanksgiving with 240 ToC participants.  Thanks to Christy LaHood at Countryside Banquet Hall in Washington for the beautiful Thanksgiving meal prepared for all the teams!  Thank you!

All-Time Dandy Dozen

Anthony DavisAnthony Davis, 6’10” PF   2010
Chicago Perspectives, IL              NBA NEW ORLEANS PELICANS

ToC- All-Shootout Team, 2010: Recorded Triple/Double (37 points, 15 rebounds and 11 blocks) in his ToC game against Gary Lew Wallace, Indiana- 2010
3-time NBA All-Star
NBA Rookie of the Year, 2013
1st Pick in the NBA Draft, 2012
College All-American with the National Champions- Kentucky Wildcats
Olympic Gold Medalist, 2012
Mc Donald’s All-American, 2011

Andrew WigginsAndrew Wiggins, 6’8” SG   2011
Huntington Prep , WV                NBA MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES

ToC- National Classic, All-Tournament Team, 2011
NBA Rookie of the Year, 2015
NBA MVP of the Rising Stars Challenge, 2015
1st Pick in the NBA Draft, 2014
College All-American with the Kansas Jayhawks, 2014
Mc Donald’s All-American, 2013
Gatorade National Player of the Year, 2013


De Andre Jordan, 7’0″  C   2006
Humble Christian Life Academy, TX          NBA LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS

ToC- All-Shootout Team, 2006
NBA Leader in Rebounds, Field Goal Percentage and Dunks, 2014 and 2015
NBA All-Star, 2017
All-NBA 3rd Team, 2015
35th Pick in the NBA Draft, 2008
Parade High School All-American, 2007




Nerlens NoelNerlens Noel, 6’11″ C   2011
Tilton School , NH                        NBA DALLAS MAVERICKS

ToC- MVP of the National Classic, 2011
NBA All-Rookie 1st Team, 2015
6th Pick in the NBA Draft, 2013
1st Team All-SEC, Kentucky Wildcats, 2013
Parade High School All-American, 2012




Zion WilliamsonZion Williamson, 6’6″  SF   2016
Spartanburg Day School, SC

ToC- Washington Invitational Most Outstanding Player, 2016
ToC- Record Holder: Most Point In A Single Game With 50
ToC- Record Holder: Most Dunks In A Game, Tournament And Career


MYLES TURNER, 6’11”  C   2013
Euless Trinity, TX                   NBA INDIANA PACERS

ToC- City of Washington Invitational All-Tournament Team, 2013
11th Pick in the NBA Draft, 2015
Big 12 Freshman of the Year, 2015
Mc Donald’s All-American, 2014



Tristan ThompsonTristan Thompson, 6’10″  PF   2009
Findlay Prep, NV                    NBA CLEVELAND CAVALIERS

ToC- National Classic All-Tournament Team, 2009
NBA All-Rookie 2nd Team, 2012
4th Pick in the NBA Draft, 2011
Mc Donald’s All-American Team, 2010


Cory JosephCory Joseph, 6’3″ SG   2009
Findlay Prep, NV                     NBA TORONTO RAPTORS

ToC- National Classic MVP, 2009
NBA Champion with the San Antonio Spurs, 2014
29th Pick in the NBA Draft, 2011
Mc Donald’s All-American, 2010



KezieKezie Okpala, 6’8”  SG   2016
Anaheim Esperanza, CA

ToC- Washington Invitational MVP, 2016
ToC Record Holder: Most Points In A Tournament With 133 Points



Austin WileyAustin Wiley, 6’10” C 2015
Spain Park, AL

ToC- National Classic MOP, 2015





Washington, IL                      NBA PHOENIX SUNS

ToC- Washington Invitational MVP, 2012
ToC- Washington Invitational All-Tournament Team, 2011
ToC- All-Time Leading Scorer/ 266 career points
All-America, Valparaiso, 2017
54th Pick in the NBA Draft, 2017

Max BielfeldtMax Bielfeldt, 6’8  PF   2008-2010
Peoria Notre Dame, IL

ToC- Washington Invitational MVP, 2010
ToC- Washington Invitational MOP, 2009
ToC- 2nd All-Time Leading Scorer/ 217 points
ToC- All-Time Leader in Blocked Shots


All-Time TOC Team

The All-Time ToC team honors the top players from Central Illinois that have made the greatest impact on the Oglethorpe Tournament of Champions.

Matt Roth, 6’3″  SG   2006-2007

.: Not only is Matt Roth the State Farm ToC’s all-time leader in three-pointers made (34) in a career, he is also the state of Illinois’ all-time leader in three-pointers made as well.  Roth is the 13th All-Time Leading Career Scorer in the ToC with 137 points in six games.  He was named the Most Valuable Player of the City of Washington Invitational in 2006 and 2007 and led Washington High School to back to back championships in the event.  Roth was also named the CoW’s Most Outstanding Player in 2007 when he led the Panthers remarkable comeback victory over Memphis Briarcrest, TN (70-69 in OT), in the most exciting tournament finale in ToC history.  Roth played collegiately for the Indiana Hoosiers.


Jordan ProsserJordan Prosser, 6’8″ PF   2007-2008

.: Jordan was a one-man wrecking crew for the Eureka Hornets in the State Farm ToC.  He is the 10th All-Time leading scorer and the 6th All-Time leading career rebounder, while only playing in six ToC games.  He was named to the City of Washington Invitational All-Tournament team in 2007 when he averaged 21.3 points and 10 rebounds a game.  He was named the Most Outstanding Player of the 2008 Uftring Auto Group Invitational when he recorded 26 points and 15.3 rebounds per outing.  Prosser yanked down 15 rebounds or more in four of the six ToC games he played in.  Prosser played collegiately for Bradley University.


Dyricus Simms-Edwards, 6’2″ SG   2007-2008

.: DSE was an unstoppable force for two years in the State Farm ToC!  His high-energy drives to the bucket were a perfect complement to the outside scoring of his teammates – Matt Roth and Ben Worner.  DSE averaged 17 points and 6.3 assists in 2007 when he helped lead the Panthers to the City of Washington Invitational crown over Memphis Briarcrest-TN.  He was named to two straight WI All-Tournament teams and averaged 22.3 points and seven assists per game in 2008.  DSE finished as the 19th All-Time Leading Career Scorer in the ToC with 118 points.  He also finished as the 4th all-time leader in assists with 40 in six games.  DSE finished his collegiate career at Bradley University where he became the school’s all-time leader in steals.


Joe KelchJoe Kelch, 5’9″ PG  2008-2010

.: The gritty Joe Kelch made quite an impact on the State Farm ToC as he became the ultimate statistics stuffer in event history.   Kelch is 2nd All-Time in career assists with 58 in three years as the starting PG for the Raiders.   He passed out 24 assists (6.0 per game) in 2009 and 21 assists (7.0 per game) as a sophomore in 2008.  Kelch is also the 17th All-Time Leading Career Scorer with 119 points and the 5th all-time leader in career steals with 22.  Kelch played baseball for Illinois State University.


Donald StewartDonald Stewart, 6’5″ SF   2006-2007

.: Donald Stewart was a whirling dervish for the Maroons in the State Farm ToC!  Stewart’s hard-nosed defense and alert scoring earned him the Most Valuable Player Award in the 2007 Team Works Classic when he and Verdell Jones lead Central to the championship crown over Ed Davis and Bradford Burgess of the Benedictine Cadets.  Stewart averaged 20.7 points, 8.0 rebounds and 3.3 steals in 2007, after averaging 19 points and four steals per game in the 2006 ToC event.  Stewart was also named to the 2006 Uftring Auto Group Invitational All-Tournament team for his outstanding efforts.  Stewart is 17th All-Time Leading Career Scorer with 119 points and is 5th All-Time in career steals with 22.  Stewart played at Vicennes College (JUCO) before transferring to Northwest Missouri State.  Stewart finished his collegiate career with Lane College.


Max BielfeldtMax Bielfeldt, 6’8″ PF   2008-2010

.: When basketball fans reflect upon the memories of the State Farm ToC, the name Max Bielfeldt will most likely be brought into most conversations.  Bielfeldt was a giant in the event as he led his Notre Dame Irish to the Washington Invitational title in 2010 against a plethora of talented foes.  Bielfeldt was named the Most Valuable player of the WI in 2010 and was named the Most Outstanding Player in both 2009 and 2010.  He is All-Time Event leader in blocked shots (38), and is the 2nd All-Time career leader in scoring with 217 points.  He is also the 2nd All-Time Leading Rebounder with 115 boards in nine career games.  Bielfeldt also holds the record for most rebounds in a tournament with 59.  He finished his collegiate basketball career with the Indiana Hoosiers.


Verdell JonesVerdell Jones, 6’5″  PG   2006-2007

.: Verdell Jones wowed the State Farm ToC fans for two years, with his no-look passes, ball handling trickery and pull up jumpers.  Jones was named to the 2006 Uftring Auto Group Invitational All-Tournament team after posting 21.3 points and six assists per game in the event. In 2007, Jones teamed with Donald Stewart to win the Team Works National Classic over Richmond Benedictine-VA and their All-America performer, NBA Power Forward Ed Davis.  Jones was named to the All-Tournament team when he finished the event with averages of 17.7 points, 8.0 assists and four steals per outing.  Jones is the 20th All-Time Leading Career Scorer (117 points) in ToC history and 3rd all-time in career assists with 42. He finished his collegiate career with the Indiana Hoosiers and had a tremendous pro-career overseas and in the NBA G-League.


Ben RyanBen Ryan, 6’5″ SF   2009-2011

.: Ryan was one of the most versatile players in the history of the ToC.  He could run the point, slash from the wing or dominate inside the lane.  He scored 136 points in his ToC career which ranks him as one of the top 14 scorers in ToC history.  Ryan grabbed 81 rebounds which ranks him as the 4th All-Time career rebounder in the ToC.  Ryan was named to two Washington Invitational All-Tournament teams. Ryan finished his basketball career at Augustana College where he was named an Academic All-American.


Willie WileyWillie Wiley, 6’7″ PF   2009-2011

.: Willie Wiley became the ToC’s All-Time leading rebounder in 2011 when he grabbed his 136th career rebound in the Washington Invitational.  Wiley grabbed 46 rebounds in 2009, 44 rebounds in 2010 and 46 rebounds in 2011 enroute to becoming the event’s all-time leading rebounder.  Wiley also finished his ToC career as the 5th All-Time leading scorer with 175 points.  Wiley blocked 29 shots in his career which ranks as the 3rd top shot blocker in ToC history.  Wiley was named to two Washington Invitational All-Tournament teams in his ToC career.  Wiley played collegiately for the Evansville Purple Aces in the Missouri Valley Conference.



.: Alec Peters played his first ever ToC game as a skinny, frail freshman.  He finished his ToC career as an absolute man!  Peters finished his outstanding ToC career as the All-Time leading scorer with an incredible 266 points!  In his final tournament, Peters led his Panthers to their third Washington Invitational title with averages of 31.3 points and 12.3 rebounds per outing, Peters was named the 2012 Washington Invitational Most Valuable Player and Most Outstanding Player!  He was also named to the All-Tournament team his junior season when he averaged 20.8 points and 8.8 rebounds per game.  Peters is also the event’s 3rd All-Time leading rebounder (96) and 113th All-Time leading assistman with 26 dimes. Peters completed his collegiate career as Valparaiso’s All-Time leading scorer, rebounder and free throw shooter.  Peters was drafted by the Phoenix Suns in the 2017 NBA Draft.


Peyton Allen, 6’5″ SG  2013


.: Allen put on quite a show in the 2013 Washington Invitational, as he scored 112 points in four games and grabbed 31 rebounds.  Allen poured in 36 points against Washington and 34 points against Baton Rouge Parkview Baptist.  Allen’s best game was against Proviso East when he scored 24 points and grabbed 13 rebounds against Myles Turner and the Trinity Trojans of Euless, TX.  Allen knocked down jumpers from the wing and made tough buckets off the drive against quicker and bigger defenders.  Allen ranks as the 26th all-time career scorer in the ToC despite only playing in one tournament.  Allen played for Texas A&M in 2014-15.


Donivine StewartDonivine Stewart, 6’0″ PG  2008-2010

.: Stewart played in three Tournament of Champions and amassed 114 points in five games.  In 2011, Stewart averaged 22.7 points and 3.7 assists per game as he led the Rockets to a 2nd place finish in the Uftring Auto Group Invitational.  He was named the Uftring Invite’s MVP for the event.  Stewart poured in 30 points in a Shootout game his junior season against Hazelwood Central- MO and scored 16 points and dished out 7 assists against Rockwood Summit his sophomore year in the ToC Shootout Series.  Stewart is the 24th all-time career scorer in the ToC. Stewart finished his collegiate career at Portland State University after three years with SIU-Edwardsville.


Lou GriffithLou Griffith, 5’8″  PG   2012-2015

.: Sweet Lou was a part of two ToC championship teams!  As a freshman he was a member of the 2012 Washington Invitational Championship team, but as a senior he was not only a part of a championship team, he was the event’s Most Valuable and Most Outstanding Player!  Griffith averaged 20.5 points, 6.8 rebounds and four assists in the 2015 Washington Invitational. He poured in 29 points in the championship game as he helped lead the Panthers over the Huntsville Lee Generals, 61-59.   Griffith was also named to the 2014 WI All-Tournament team.  Sweet Lou finished his ToC career as the event’s 3rd all-time career scorer (196 points) and 5th all-time career leader in assists. Griffith is currently playing at Lincoln College.


Dylan SparkmanDylan Sparkman, 6’10”  C   2008-2010

.: Dylan Sparkman is a Peoria area big man that continues to improve his game well beyond his high school hoops career.  Sparkman was a 2009 Washington Invitational All-Tournament selection when he averaged 16 points and 8.5 boards for the Raiders.   Sparkman finished his ToC career as the 16th all-time career scorer (127 points), and 7th all-time career rebounder with 71 boards.   Sparkman had a tremendous hoops career at University of Illinois-Springfield, and played professionally for Baloncesto Naron in Spain.

Devin WhitelowDevin Whitelow, 5’9” PG   2013-2016

.: Devin Whitelow finishes his ToC career as the most watched player in the event’s history. Whitelow played in 16 ToC games during his four-year stint as the Panthers’ starting point guard.   During his four years, Whitelow became the All-Time career leader in both assists (60) and steals (32). He also finished as the fourth All-Time leading scorer with 191 points.   Whitelow is the only player to be named to three Washington Invitational All-Tournament teams!   In 2015, Whitelow averaged 16 points and three assists, leading his Panthers to the Washington Invitational championship crown! Whitelow is a freshman PG at Winona State University.

Ethan HappEthan Happ, 6’9” PF  2013

.: Ethan Happ only played in one ToC shootout game, but his efforts in that game are worthy of recognition. Happ scored 30 points and grabbed 15 boards for the Rockets as they defeated Michigan City Marquette, 63-48. Happ was named Player of the Game and was named the Most Outstanding Player of the 2013 Shootout Series. Happ is currently the starting Power Forward for the Wisconsin Badgers and is rated as one of the Top 5 players in NCAA Division I Basketball.

Taylor BruningaTaylor Bruninga, 6’8” PF  2016

.: Taylor Bruninga was a force to reckon with in 2016! Despite his team’s loss to Cloverdale, Indiana- Bruninga was unstoppable as he scored 37 points and snared 17 rebounds. Bruninga was named Co-Player of the Game and was named the Most Outstanding Player in the 2016 Shootout Series.  Bruninga is currently playing for Illinois State University.



Anthony Davis PelicansAnthony Davis, 6’10” PF
NBA DRAFT- 1st Pick, New Orleans, 2012
Current NBA Team- New Orleans Pelicans
University of Kentucky
Chicago Perspectives, IL – 2010
Nerlens NoelNerlens Noel, 6’11″ C
NBA DRAFT- 6th Pick, New Orleans Pelicans, 2013
Current NBA Team- Dallas Mavericks
University of Kentucky
Tilton School , NH – 2011
Andrew WigginsAndrew Wiggins, 6’8” SG
NBA DRAFT- 1st Pick, Cleveland Cavaliers- 2014
Current NBA Team- Minnesota Timberwolves
Kansas University
Huntington Prep , WV- 2011
De Andre Jordan

De Andre Jordan, 7’0″ C
NBA DRAFT- 35th Pick, Los Angeles Clippers, 2008
Current NBA Team- Los Angeles Clippers
Texas A&M University
Humble Christian Life Academy, TX- 2006

Chandler ParsonsChandler Parsons, 6’9″ SF
NBA DRAFT- 38th Pick, Houston Rockets, 2011
Current NBA Team- Memphis Grizzlies
University of Florida
Winter Park Lake Howell, FL- 2006
Jerryd Bayless
Jerryd Bayless, 6’3″ SG
NBA DRAFT- 11th Pick, Indiana Pacers, 2008
Current NBA Team- Philadelphia 76’ers
University of Arizona
Phoenix St. Mary’s, AZ- 2006
De Andre Liggins

De Andre Liggins, 6’6″ SG
NBA DRAFT- 53rd Pick, Orlando Magic, 2011
Current NBA Team- Milwaukee Bucks
University of Kentucky
Chicago George Washington, IL- 2006

Toure MurryToure’ Murry, 6’5″ PG
NBA DRAFT- Undrafted/ Free Agent
Last NBA Team- Washington Wizards
Wichita State University
Houston Klein Forest, TX- 2006
Donte GreeneDonte’ Greene, 6’10” PF
NBA DRAFT- 28th Pick, Memphis Grizzlies, 2008
Last NBA Team- Sacramento Kings
Syracuse University
Towson Catholic, MD- 2006
Nick Calathes

Nick Calathes, 6’6″ PG
NBA DRAFT- 45th Pick, Minnesota Timberwolves, 2009
Last NBA Team- Memphis Grizzlies
University of Florida
Winter Park Lake Howell, FL- 2006

Darington Hobson

Darington Hobson, 6’7″ SF
NBA DRAFT- 37th Pick, Milwaukee Bucks, 2010
Last NBA Team- Milwaukee Bucks
University of New Mexico
Decatur Christian, IL- 2006

Ed Davis

Ed Davis, 6’10” PF
NBA DRAFT- 13th Pick, Toronto Raptors, 2010
Current NBA Team- Portland Trailblazers
University of North Carolina
Richmond Benedictine, VA- 2007

Reggie BullockReggie Bullock, 6’7″ SG
NBA DRAFT- 25th Pick, Los Angeles Clippers, 2013
Current NBA Team- Detroit Pistons
University of North Carolina
Kinston, NC- 2008
John HensonJohn Henson, 6’11” PF
NBA DRAFT- 14th Pick, Milwaukee Bucks, 2012
Current NBA Team- Milwaukee Bucks
University of North Carolina
Tampa Sickles, FL- 2008
Quincy MillerQuincy Miller, 6’9″ SF
NBA DRAFT- 38th Pick, Denver Nuggets, 2012
Last NBA Team- Detroit Pistons
Baylor University
Quality Education Academy, NC- 2009
Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson, 6’10″ PF
NBA DRAFT- 4th Pick, Cleveland Cavaliers, 2011
Current NBA Team- Cleveland Cavaliers
University of Texas
Findlay Prep, NV – 2009

Cory JosephCory Joseph, 6’3″ SG
NBA DRAFT- 29th Pick, San Antonio Spurs, 2011
Current NBA Team- Indiana Pacers
University of Texas
Findlay Prep, NV – 2009
Dwight PowellDwight Powell, 6’11” PF
NBA DRAFT- 45th Pick, Charlotte Hornets- 2014
Current NBA Team- Dallas Mavericks
Stanford University
IMG Academy, FL- 2009
Nick JohnsonNick Johnson, 6’3 SG
NBA DRAFT- 42nd Pick, Houston Rockets- 2014
Last NBA Team- Houston Rockets
University of Arizona
Findlay Prep, NV – 2010
Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett, 6’8 PF
NBA DRAFT- 1st Pick, Cleveland Cavaliers, 2013
Last NBA Team- Brooklyn Nets
University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Findlay Prep, NV – 2010

B.J. Young

B.J. Young, 6’3 SG
NBA DRAFT- Undrafted/Free Agent
Last NBA Team- Houston Rockets
University of Arkansas
Hazelwood Central, MO- 2009

Jabari BrownJabari Brown, 6’4″ SG
NBA DRAFT- Undrafted/Free Agent
Last NBA Team- Los Angeles Lakers
University of Missouri
Findlay Prep, NV – 2009
Myles TurnerMyles Turner, 6’11”  C
NBA DRAFT- 11th Pick, Indiana Pacers, 2015
Current NBA Team- Indiana Pacers
University of Texas
Euless Trinity, TX- 2013
Rakeem ChristmasRakeem Christmas, 6’10” PF
NBA DRAFT- 36th Pick, Minnesota Timberwolves, 2015
Last NBA Team- Indiana Pacers
Syracuse University
Academy of the New Church, PA – 2010
Branden Dawson

Branden Dawson, 6’6″ SF
NBA DRAFT- 56th Pick, New Orleans Pelicans, 2015
Last NBA Team- Los Angeles Clippers
Michigan State University
Gary Lew Wallace, IN – 2010

Sir Dominic PionterSir’Dominic Pointer, 6’6” SF
NBA DRAFT- 53rd Pick, Cleveland Cavaliers, 2015
Last NBA Team- Cleveland Cavaliers
St. John’s University
Quality Education Academy, NC- 2009
Malcolm Delaney

Malcolm Delaney, 6’3” PG
NBA DRAFT- Undrafted/Free Agent
Current NBA Team- Atlanta Hawks
Virginia Institute of Technology (Va. Tech)
Towson Catholic, MD- 2006

Buddy Hield

Buddy Hield, 6’4″ SG
NBA DRAFT- 6th Pick, New Orleans Pelicans, 2016
Current NBA Team- Sacramento Kings
Oklahoma University
Sunrise Christian Academy, KS- 2011

Malcolm Brogdon

Malcolm Brogdon, 6’5″ CG
NBA DRAFT- 36th Pick, Milwaukee Bucks, 2016
Current NBA Team- Milwaukee Bucks
University of Virginia
Fayette County, GA- 2008

Patrick Mc CawPatrick Mc Caw, 6’6″ SG
NBA DRAFT- 38th Pick, Milwaukee Bucks, 2016
Current NBA Team- Golden State Warriors
University of Nevada-Las Vegas
St. Louis CBC, MO- 2012
Georges Niang

Georges Niang, 6’8″ PF
NBA DRAFT- 50th Pick, Indiana Pacers, 2016
Last NBA Team- Indiana Pacers
Iowa State University
Tilton School , NH – 2011

Yogi FerrellYogi Ferrell, 6’0″ PG
NBA DRAFT- Undrafted/Free Agent
Current NBA Team- Dallas Mavericks
Indiana University
Indianapolis Park Tudor, IN – 2011
Wayne SeldenWayne Selden, 6’5″ SG
NBA Draft- Undrafted/Free Agent
Current NBA Team- Memphis Grizzlies
Kansas University
Tilton School, NH- 2011
D.J. WilsonD.J. Wilson, 6’10” PF
NBA DRAFT- 17th Pick, Milwaukee Bucks, 2017
Current NBA Team- Milwaukee Bucks
University of Michigan
Sacramento Capital Christian, CA- 2013
Sterling BrownSterling Brown, 6’6” SF
NBA DRAFT- 46th Pick, Philadelphia 76’ers, 2017
Current NBA Team- Milwaukee Bucks
Southern Methodist University
Proviso East, IL- 2011
Nigel Williams-GossNigel Williams-Goss, 6’4” PG
NBA DRAFT- 55th Pick, Utah Jazz, 2017
Current NBA Team- Utah Jazz
Gonzaga University
Findlay Prep, NV- 2010
Alec PetersAlec Peters, 6’9” CF
NBA DRAFT- 54th Pick, Phoenix Suns, 2017
Current NBA Team- Phoenix Suns
Valparaiso University
Washington, IL- 2012
Mangok MathiangMangok Mathiang, 6’10” C
NBA DRAFT: Undrafted/Free Agent
Current NBA Team: Charlotte Hornets
Louisville University
Brehm Prep, IL- 2010

Photos- Getty Images

Professional Basketball “Around the World”

Scott Suggs
Xavier Gibson
Scott Suggs, 6’6″ SG
Euro League- Enel Brindisi (Italy)
University of Washington
Washington, MO- 2007
Patrick Richard- 6’4″ SG
Euro League- Joventut Badalona (Spain)
Mc Neese State University
Lafayette Carencro, LA- 2007
Xavier Gibson, 6’11” C
NBA G-League- Lakeland Magic
Florida State University
Dothan Northview, AL- 2007
Keaton Nankivil, 6’9″ PF
Euro League- Betaland CDO (Italy)
University of Wisconsin
Madison Memorial, WI- 2006
Cameron Wells, 6’1″ PG
Euro League- Openjobmetis Varese (Italy)
The Citadel
Houston Bellaire, TX- 2006
Lucca Staiger, 6’5″ SG
Euro League- Brose BSK (Germany)
Iowa State University Decatur
Christian, IL- 2006
Joey Rodriguez, 5’10” PG
Euro League- Darussafaka (Turkey)
Virginia Commonwealth University
Winter Park Lake Howell, FL- 2006
Jai Lucas, 5’10” PG
NBA G-League- Canton Charge (USA)
University of Texas
Houston Bellaire, TX- 2006
D’Walyn Roberts, 6’7″ SF
Euro League- Wulfen (Germany)
Texas Tech University
Duncanville, TX- 2006
Mike Capocci, 6’7″ SF
Euro League- Durham Wildcats (England)
Northwestern University
Glenbard East, IL- 2006
Melvin Goins, 5’11” PG
NBL-Halifax Rainmen (Canada)
University of Tennessee
Humble Christian Life, TX- 2006
Mac Koshwal, 6’10” PF
NBA G-League- Bakersfield Jam
De Paul University
Chicago Boys to Men Academy, IL- 2006
Senario Hillman, 6’1″ PG
Euro League- Team Germany
University of Alabama
Wilkinson County, GA- 2006
Martavius Adams, 6’9” C
Latin America League- Manizales (Colombia)
Arkansas State University
Wilkinson County, GA- 2006
Jarryd Cole, 6’7″ PF
Euro League- Vichy Clermont (France)
University of Iowa
KC Winnetonka, MO- 2006
Alvin Abreu, 6’2″ PG
South America League- Titanes Licey (Dominican Republic)
University of New Hampshire
Chicago Boys to Men Academy, IL- 2006
Olu Ashaolu, 6’7″ PF
Asian League- Sanen (Japan)
University of Oregon
Humble Christian Life, TX- 2006
Verdell Jones, 6’5″ PG
Euro League- Entente Orleans (France)
Indiana University
Champaign Central, IL- 2006-2007
Bradford Burgess, 6’6″ SF
Euro League- Alba (Hungary)
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond Benedictine, VA- 2007
Chris Hines, 6’0″ PG
NBA G-League- Iowa Energy (USA)
Drake University
Houston Klein Forest, TX- 2006
Stu Douglass, 6’3″ SG
Euro League- Maccabi KG (Israel)
University of Michigan
Carmel, IN- 2006
Michael Thompson, 5’10” PG
Euro League- Besiktas (Turkey)
Northwestern University
Chicago Lincoln Park, IL- 2006
Jeremiah Kelly- 6’0″ PG
Euro League- Cuxhaven (Germany)
De Paul University
Chicago Boys to Men Academy, IL- 2006
Marko Petrovic- 6’4″ SG
Euro League- Gorica (Croatia)
University of San Francisco
Findlay College Prep, NV- 2009
Edgaras Kvedaravicius, 6’3″ SG
Euro League- Horsens IC (Denmark)
Trent InternationalE- 2011
Dino Jakolis- 6’7″ SF
Euro League- Karlsruhe PS (Germany)
La Lumiere School, IN- 2010
Beas Hamga- 7’0″ C
Euro League- Team Brussels
University of Alabama-Birmingham
Decatur Christian, IL- 2006
Mario Stula- 6’7″ SF
Euro League- KK Zagreb (Croatia)
De Paul University
Decatur Christian, IL- 2006
Greg Foster- 6’2″ SG
Asian League- Al Ansar (Saudi Arabia)
Saginaw Valley State University
Indianapolis Howe, IN- 2007
Larry Bastfield- 5’11” PG
Panama City Breeze (USA- IBL)
Morgan State University
Towson Catholic, MD- 2006
Anthony Thompson- 6’10” PF
Euro League- Trepca (Kosovo)
Bradley University
Houston Klein Forest, TX- 2006
Nolan Dennis- 6’6″ SG
South America League- Manizales (Colombia)
Baylor University
Richland, TX- 2008
Jonathan Montgomery- 6’5″ SF
Australia League- Perth Redbacks
Chicago State University
Chicago Lincoln Park, IL- 2006
Nate Rakestraw- 6’4″ SG
Euro League- Team Manchester (England)
University of Arkansas/ Biola College
Springdale Har-Ber, AR- 2006
Derek Needham, 6’0” PG
Euro League- Grissin Bon RE (Italy)
Fairfield University
Chicago De La Salle, IL- 2008
Darien Brothers, 6’3” SG
Euro League- Sodertalje (Sweden)
Richmond University
Richmond Benedictine, VA- 2007
Josh Crittle, 6’9” PF
Euro League- Apoel (Cyprus)
University of Illinois-Chicago
Chicago Hales Franciscan, IL- 2007
Andrew Fitzgerald, 6’8” PF
Asia League- Kanazawa Samuraiz (Japan)
Oklahoma University
Towson Catholic, MD- 2006
Dyricus Simms-Edwards, 6’3” SG
Mexican League- Jefes (Mexico)
Bradley University
Washington, IL- 2008
Josh Edmonds, 6’5” SF
IBA/PBL- Bloomington Flex (USA)
Quincy University
Peoria Notre Dame, IL- 2006
D.J. Cooper, 5’11” PG
Euro League- BCM Gravelines (France)
Ohio University
Chicago Hales Franciscan, IL- 2007
Junior Cadougan, 6’1″ PG
Canadian League- London Lightning
Marquette University
Humble Christian Life, TX- 2006
Roger Franklin, 6’5″ SF
Euro League- Black Star (Luxembourg)
University of North Texas
Duncanville, TX- 2006
Winston Shepard, 6’9″ SF
Euro League- Alba (Hungary)
San Diego State University
Findlay College Prep, NV- 2010
Addison Flynn, 6’2″ PG
Australia League- Lithgow Lazers
Tusculum University
Fayette County, GA- 2008
Gabe Rogers, 6’3″ SG
Euro League- Marin (Spain)
Northern Arizona University
Houston Klein Forest, TX- 2006
Jeremy Montgomery, 6’3″ SG
Euro League- Gornik Walbrzych (Poland)
Cleveland State University
Chicago Lincoln Park, IL- 2006
Angus Brandt, 6’10” PF
Australia League- Perth Wildcats
Oregon State University
Lake Forest Academy, IL- 2008
Patrick Miller, 6’1” PG
Euro League- Partizan NIS (Serbia)
Tennessee State University
Chicago Hales Franciscan, IL- 2008
Cameron Clark, 6’7” SF
Euro League- Royal Itali Gaziantep (Turkey)
Oklahoma University
Sherman, TX- 2009
Juvonte Reddic, 6’9” PF
Euro League- Mons Hainaut (Belgium)
Virginia Commonwealth University
Quality Education Academy, NC- 2009
Ty Nurse, 6’1” PG
Canadian League- Halifax Hurricanes (Canada)
Texas Tech University
Decatur Christian, IL- 2006
Leslie Mc Donald, 6’4” SG
NBA G-League- Erie Bayhawks (USA)
University of North Carolina
Memphis Briarcrest, TN- 2007
Jeronne Maymon, 6’7” PF
Euro League- Hapoel Tel Aviv (Israel)
University of Tennessee
Madison Memorial, WI- 2006
Brandon Spearman, 6’3” SG
Euro League- Jena (Germany)
University of Hawaii
DChicago Hales Franciscan, IL- 2007
Antonio Ivis, 6’9” PF
Euro League- Stoja Pula (Croatia)
La Lumiere School, IN- 2010
Jacob Mampuya, 6’7” SF
Euro League- Walters Tigers (Germany)
St. Louis Christian Academy, MO- 2013
Kevin Butler, 6’6” SF
Euro League- Dresden (Germany)
University of Texas-Arlington
Duncanville, TX- 2006
Myck Kabongo, 6’2” PG
Mexican League- Hermosillo (Mexico)
University of Texas
Findlay College Prep, NV- 2010
James Siakam, 6’7″ PF
NBA G-League- Wisconsin Herd
Vanderbilt University
Brehm Prep, IL- 2009
Kenny Rhymes, 6’5″ SG
Euro League- Nitra (Slovakia)
Pikeville University
Chicago Hales Franciscan, IL- 2008
Noel Johnson, 6’6″ SG
Euro League- KB Bashkimi Prizren (Russia)
Auburn University
Fayette County, GA- 2008
Mike Liabo, 6’6″ SG
Latin League- Amistad (Bolivia)
University of Tennessee-Martin
Brehm Prep, IL- 2009
Ben Stelzer, 6’1” PG
Euro League- Coruna (Spain)
Michigan Tech
Manitowoc Roncalli, WI- 2010
David Rivers, 6’7” SF
Euro League- Rostock (Germany)
University of Nebraska
Little Rock Hall, AR- 2009
Dylan Sparkman, 6’10” C
Euro League- Baloncesto Naron (Spain)
University of Illinois-Springfield
East Peoria, IL- 2010
Aaron Abram, 6’5” SF
Asian League- Al-Taraf (Saudi Arabia)
Oklahoma Baptist University
Gary Lew Wallace, IN- 2010
Kevin Kaspar, 6’0” PG
Turkish League- Bakirkoy (Turkey)
Western Kentucky University
Findlay Prep, NV- 2010
Michal Banczer, 6’6” SG
Euro League- Dagenham Dragons (England)
St. Norbert College
Lake Forest Academy, IL- 2009
Jordan Davis, 5’10” PG
Euro League- Sheffield Sharks (Great Britain)
Tampa University
Tampa Sickles, FL- 2008
Calvin Godfrey, 6’8″ PF
Asian League- Al-Riffa (Bahrain)
Memphis University
Milwaukee Custer, WI- 2007
Denmark Mc Donald, 6’6″ SF
Euro League- Usti n Labem (Czech Republic)
Trinity Western University (Canada)
Brehm Prep, IL- 2009
Janari Joesaar, 6’6″ SG
Euro League- Kajaani (Finland)
Texas-Rio Grande Valley
Sunrise Christian Academy, KS- 2011
Aaron Bowen, 6’6″ SG
Canadian League- Halifax Hurricanes
Georgetown University
Quality Education Academy, NC- 2009
Negus Webster-Chan, 6’6″ SG
NBA G-League- Toronto 905
University of Hawaii
Huntington Prep, WV- 2011
Rashawn Rembert, 6’3” SG
Euro League- Sheffield Sharks (England)
East Tennessee State University
Tampa Sickles, FL- 2008
Jamie Adams, 5’10” PG
New Zealand League- Canterbury Rams
Florida A&M University
Chicago Hales Franciscan, IL- 2008
Will Clark, 6’10” C
ABA- Laredo Swarm (USA)
Texas Southern University
Rockwood Summit, MO- 2008
Craig Sword, 6’3″ SG
NBA G-League- Erie Bayhawks
Mississippi State University
Montgomery Carver, AL- 2011
Marcus Gilbert, 6’6” SG
Euro League- FC Porto (Portugal)
Fairfield University
Academy of the New Church, PA- 2010
Adam Smith, 6’1” PG
Euro League- Chalon (France)
Georgia Tech
Fayette County, GA- 2008
Rakeem Dickerson, 6’0” PG
Euro League – Essaouira (Morocco)
Central Missouri State University
Brehm Prep, IL- 2010
Myles Taylor, 6’7″ PF
Canadian League- Halifax Hurricanes
University of Tennessee-Martin
LIttle Rock Hall, AR- 2009
Stefan Jankovic, 6’11” PF
Euro League- KK Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)
University of Hawai’i
Huntington Prep, WV- 2011
Roosevelt Jones, 6’4″ SG
NBA G-League- Canton Charge (USA)
Butler University
O’Fallon, IL- 2010
Goodluck Okonoboh, 6’10” PF
NBA G-League- Toronto 905 (USA)
University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Tilton School, NH- 2011
Aly Ahmed, 6’10” C
NBA G-League- Sioux Falls Skyforce (USA)
University of California-Bakersfield
Trent InternationalE, TX- 2011
P.J. Boutte, 5’8″ PG
Mexican League- Bardos Jerez
The Citadel
Indianapolis Howe, IN- 2008
Paul Jesperson, 6’6″ SG
Euro League- Oviedo (Spain)
University of Northern Iowa
Merrill, WI- 2010
Lucas Vezaro, 6’4″ SG
South America League- Joinville (Brazil)
La Lumiere School, IN- 2013
Olalekan Ajayi, 6’11” C
Euro League- Albacete (Spain)
Cal State-Northridge
Quality Education Academy, NC- 2009
Trae Anderson, 6’5″ SG
Euro League- Ylli (Kosovo)
Eastern Illinois University
Hazelwood Central, MO- 2009
De Juan Marrero, 6’5″ SF
Euro League- Pully-Lausanne (Switzerland)
Morehead State University
Gary Bowman Academy, IN- 2009
Evan Mc Gaughey, 6’9″ PF
Euro League- Heidelberg (Germany)
Quincy University
Illini West, IL- 2011
JaVontae’ Hawkins, 6’5″ SG
Euro League- Salon Vilpas (Finland)
Fordham University
Huntington Prep, WV- 2011
Miles Bowman, 6’5″ SF
Euro League- Rieker KN (Slovakia)
High Point University
Quality Education Academy, NC- 2009
Paris Lee, 5’11” PG
Euro League- Port of Antwerp Giants (Belgium)
Illinois State University
Proviso East, IL- 2011
Bruce Barron, 6’4″ SG
NABL- Dallas Hoyas (USA)
University of Oregon
Brehm Prep, IL- 2010
Landen Lucas, 6’10” PF
Asia League- Alvark Tokyo (Japan)
Kansas University
Findlay Prep, NV- 2010
Nigel Williams-Goss, 6’4″ PG
Euro League- KK Partizan NIS (Serbia)
Gonzaga University
Findlay Prep, NV- 2010
Torren Jones, 6’9″ PF
Euro League- Glasgow Rocks (United Kingdom)
William Penn University
Chandler Basha, AZ- 2010
Jordan Martin, 6’8″ PF
Euro League- Sampaense Basket (Portugal)
Missouri State University
Hazelwood Central, MO- 2009
Malcolm Hill, 6’6″ SG
Asia League- Pure Foods Star Hotshots (Philippines)
University of Illinois
Belleville East, IL- 2011
Dylan Ennis, 6’2″ PG
Euro League- KK Mega Bemax (Serbia)
University of Oregon
Lake Forest Academy, IL- 2009
Xavier Newson, 6’4″ SG
Euro League- KB Rahoveci (Kosovo)
Goshen College
Peoria Richwoods, IL- 2012
Ryan King, 6’7″ SF
Latin America League- Santiagueno BC (El Salvador)
Northwestern State University
Quality Education Academy, NC- 2009
Janarius Middleton, 6’8″ PF
Asian League- Samaheej (Bahrain)
Jackson State University
Greenwood Amanda Elzy, MS- 2012
Elijah Macon, 6’9″ PF
Euro League- Alba (Hungary)
West Virginia University
Huntington Prep, WV- 2011
Xavier Rathan-Mayes, 6’4″ PG
NBA G-League- Westchester Knicks
Florida State University
Huntington Prep, WV- 2011
Nazareth Mitrou-Long, 6’4″ SG
NBA G-League- Salt Lake City Stars
Iowa State University
Findlay Prep, NV- 2010
Hanner Mosquera-Perea, 6’9″ PF
NBA G-League-  Westchester Knicks
East Tennessee State University
La Lumiere School, IN- 2010
JeQuan Lewis, 6’1″ PG
NBA G-League-  Wisconsin Herd
Virginia Commonwealth University
Dickson County, TN- 2012
Obij Aget, 7’2″ C
NBA G-League-  Iowa Wolves
University of New Mexico
La Lumiere School, IN- 2010
Jaylon Tate, 6’3″ SG
NBL- Niagara River Lions (Canada)
University of Illinois
Chicago De La Salle, IL- 2009
Evan Payne, 6’2″ CG
Euro League- NH Ostrava (Czech Republic)
Long Beach State University
Huntington Prep, WV- 2011


2017-2018 ToC All-Collegiate Team: Pre-Season

1st Team

Mohamed Bamba Jevon Carter Trevon Bluiett
Mohamed Bamba, 7’0″ Fr.
Westtown School, PA- 2014
University of Texas
Jevon Carter, 6’2″ Sr.
Proviso East, IL- 2013
University of West Virginia
Trevon Bluiett, 6’6” Sr.
Indianapolis Park Tudor, IN- 2011
Xavier University
Jordan Caroline Ethan Happ
Jordan Caroline, 6’7″ Jr.
Champaign Central, IL- 2011
University of Nevada
Ethan Happ, 6’10” Jr.
Rockridge, IL- 2013
University of Wisconsin


2nd Team

Vic Law Charles Matthews Udoka Azubuike
Vic Law, 6’7″ Jr.
Chicago St. Rita, IL- 2012
Northwestern University
Charles Matthews, 6’6″ So.
Chicago St. Rita, IL- 2012
University of Michigan
Udoka Azubuike, 7’0″ So.
Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian, FL- 2014
Kansas University
Austin Wiley James Thompson Jaron Hopkins
Austin Wiley, 6’11” So.
Spain Park, AL- 2015
Auburn University
 James Thompson, 6’10” Jr.
Baton Rouge Parkview Baptist, LA- 2013
Eastern Michigan University
Jaron Hopkins, 6’6″ Sr.
Chandler Basha, AZ- 2010
Fresno State University


Players on the RISE!

Players on the RISE!

Jair Bolden Jair Bolden, 6’4″ So.
Westtown School, PA- 2014
George Washington University
Travis Munnings Travis Munnings, 6’7″ Jr.
Sunrise Christian Academy, KS- 2013
University of Louisiana-Monroe
Jordan Barnett Jordan Barnett, 6’7″ Sr.
St. Louis CBC, MO- 2013
University of Missouri
Chris Clarke Chris Clarke, 6’6″ Jr.
Cape Henry Collegiate, VA- 2014
Virginia Tech
Jared Stutzmanj Jared Stutzman, 6’6″ So.
Idaho Falls Bonneville, ID- 2013
Idaho State University
Riley La Chance Riley La Chance, 6’2” Sr.
Brookfield Central, WI- 2013
Vanderbilt University
Jordan Barnes Jordan Barnes, 5’11” So.
St. Louis CBC, MO- 2013
Indiana State University
Sam Logwood Sam Logwood, 6’7″ Sr.
La Lumiere School, IN- 2012
University of New Mexico
Xavier Sneed Xavier Sneed, 6’5″ So.
Hazelwood Central, MO- 2015
Kansas State University
James Batemon James Batemon, 6’1″ Jr.
Milwaukee Riverside University, WI- 2012
Loyola-Marymount University
Top Freshmen:

Jhivvan Jackson, 6’0″ PG
Euless Trinity, TX- 2013
University of Texas-San Antonio

Jeremiah Tilmon, 6’10” C
La Lumiere School, IN- 2015
University of Missouri

Nickeil Alexander-Walker, 6’5″ SG
St. Louis Christian Academy, MO- 2014
Virginia Tech


Terrence Lewis, 6’7″ SF
Milwaukee Riverside University, WI- 2015
Iowa State University

Taylor Bruninga, 6’9″ CF
Illini Bluffs, IL- 2016
Illinois State University

Jamal Johnson, 6’4″ PG
Spain Park, AL- 2015
Memphis University


ToC Collegiate Players

BIG 10

+Michael Thompson, Northwestern Chicago Lincoln Park
+Mike Capocci, Northwestern Glenbard East
+Keaton Nankivil, Wisconsin Madison Memorial
+Jarryd Cole, Iowa Kansas City Winnetonka
+Matt Roth, Indiana Washington
+Daniel Moore, Indiana Carmel
+Verdell Jones, Indiana Champaign Central
+Stu Douglass, Michigan Carmel
+Oto Osenieks, Minnesota Brehm Prep
+Jay Simpson, Purdue Champaign Central
+Branden Dawson, Michigan State Gary Lew Wallace
+David Rivers, Nebraska Little Rock Hall
+Max Bielfeldt, Indiana Peoria Notre Dame
+Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell, Indiana Park Tudor
+Malcolm Hill, Illinois Belleville East
+Jaylon Tate, Illinois Chicago De La Salle
+D.J. Wilson, Michigan Sacramento Capital Christian
Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn, Michigan State, sr. Sunrise Christian Academy
Clayton Jones, Illinois, sr. Champaign Central
Vic Law, Northwestern, jr. Chicago St. Rita
Ethan Happ, Wisconsin, jr. Rockridge
Drew Cayce, Illinois, so. La Lumiere School
Charles Matthews, Michigan, so. Chicago St. Rita
Da’Monte Williams, Illinois, fr. Peoria Manual
@Ignas Brazdeikis, Michigan Orangeville Prep


+Mac Koshwal, De Paul Boys to Men Academy
+Jamel Jackson, Seton Hall Boys to Men Academy
+Mario Stula, DePaul Decatur Christian
+Jeremiah Kelly, DePaul Boys to Men Academy
+Junior Cadougan, Marquette Humble Christian Life Academy
+Amir Garrett, St. John’s Findlay Prep
+Edwind Mc Ghee, De Paul Champaign Central
+Charles Mc Kinney, De Paul Quality Education Academy
+Aaron Bowen, Georgetown Quality Education Academy
+Sir’Dominic Pointer, St. John’s Quality Education Academy
+Chier Ajou, Seton Hall Culver Military Academy
+Roosevelt Jones, Butler O’Fallon
+David Molinari, De Paul Peoria Notre Dame
+Alex O’Neill, Creighton Peoria Notre Dame
+Trey Pettus, Butler St. Louis MICDS
Trevon Bluiett, Xavier, sr. Indianapolis Park Tudor
Marin Maric, De Paul, sr. La Lumiere School
Matt Heldt, Marquette, jr. Neenah
@Jalen Coleman-Lands, De Paul, jr.            La Lumiere School
Brandon Cyrus, De Paul, so. La Lumiere School

PAC 12

+Jerryd Bayless, Arizona Phoenix Saint Mary’s
+Olu Ashaolu, Oregon Humble Christian Life
+Scott Suggs, Washington Washington
+Angus Brandt, Oregon State Lake Forest Academy
+Dwight Powell, Stanford Bradenton IMG Academies
+Nick Johnson, Arizona Findlay College Prep
+Savon Goodman, Arizona State Academy of the New Church
+Dylan Ennis, Oregon Lake Forest Academy
Keanu Pinder, Arizona, sr. Sunrise Christian Academy
Alex Olesinski, UCLA, so. La Lumiere School
Kezie Okpala, Stanford, fr. Anaheim Esperanza
@Luguentz Dort, Arizona State    Jacksonville Arlington Country Day  


+Alvin Abreu, New Hampshire Boys to Men Academy
+Williams Gabriel, New Hampshire Huntington Prep
Alex Foster, Albany, sr. Chicago De La Salle
Uchenna Iroegbu, Stony Brook, sr. Sacramento Capital Christian
Anthony Ochefu, Stony Brook, fr. Westtown School


+Nick Calathes, Florida Lake Howell
+Nate Rakestraw, Arkansas Springdale Har-Ber
+Chandler Parsons, Florida Lake Howell
+Senario Hillman, Alabama Wilkinson County
+Melvin Goins, Tennessee Humble Christian Life
+De Andre Liggins, Kentucky Chicago George Washington
+Michael Sanchez, Arkansas Springdale Har-Ber
+Anthony Davis, Kentucky Chicago Perspectives
+Noel Johnson, Auburn Fayette County
+B.J. Young, Arkansas Hazelwood Central
+Nerlens Noel, Kentucky Tilton School
+Domonique Bull, Missouri Tilton School
+Jeronne Maymon, Tennessee Madison Memorial
+Jabari Brown, Missouri Findlay Prep
+James Siakam, Vanderbilt Brehm Prep
+Craig Sword, Mississippi State Montgomery Carver
+Ryan Rosburg, Missouri Chesterfield Marquette
+Peyton Allen, Texas A&M Chatham Glenwood
+Ray Doby, South Carolina St. Louis CBC
+Gerald Glass, jr., Mississippi Greenwood Amanda Elzy
+Branden Jenkins, LSU Proviso East
+Joe Strugg, Mississippi State Montgomery Carver
+Jake Coddington, Mississippi Alton Marquette
Riley La Chance, Vanderbilt, sr. Brookfield Central
Jordan Barnett, Missouri, sr. St. Louis CBC
Joe Toye, Vanderbilt, jr. La Lumiere School
Reed Vial, LSU, jr. Baton Rouge Parkview Baptist
Adrio Bailey, Arkansas, so. Campti Lakeview
Austin Wiley, Auburn, so. Spain Park
Jeremiah Tilmon, Missouri, fr. La Lumiere School
Isiah Jasey, Texas A&M, fr. Sunrise Christian Academy
Nicolas Claxton, Georgia, fr. Legacy Charter School
@Tyler Herro, Kentucky Whitnall
@Torrence Watson, Missouri St. Louis Whitfield School
@Jared Jones, Auburn Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian


+Ed Davis, North Carolina Richmond Benedictine
+Donte Greene, Syracuse Towson Catholic
+Malcolm Delaney, Virginia Tech Towson Catholic
+Xavier Gibson, Florida State Dothan Northview
+Nick Foreman, Georgia Tech Bellaire
+John Henson, North Carolina Tampa Sickles
+Reggie Bullock, North Carolina Kinston
+Leslie McDonald, North Carolina Memphis Briarcrest
+Todd Zafirovski, Duke Lake Forest Academy
+Rakeem Christmas, Syracuse Academy of the New Church
+Adam Smith, Georgia Tech Fayette County
+Malcolm Brogdon, Virginia Fayette County
+Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Florida State Huntington Prep
Chris Clarke, Virginia Tech, jr. Cape Henry Collegiate
@Danya Kingsby, Pittsburgh Jacksonville Arlington Country Day
Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Virginia Tech, fr.  St. Louis Christian Academy
Parker Stewart, Pittsburgh, fr. Union City


+Jake Kelly, Indiana State Carmel
+Trey Jones, Wichita State Sherman
+Anthony Thompson, Bradley Houston Klein Forest
+Isaiah Rhine, Missouri State Versailles Morgan County
+Toure’ Murry, Wichita State Houston Klein Forest
+David Smith, Drake Lake Forest Academy
+Chris Hines, Drake Houston Klein Forest
+Dyricus Simms-Edwards, Bradley Washington
+Jordan Prosser, Bradley Eureka
+Darrion Harris, Bradley St. Louis Whitfield
+Paul Jesperson, Northern Iowa Merrill
+Mike Shaw, Bradley Chicago De La Salle
+Paris Lee, Illinois State Proviso East
+Willie Wiley, Evansville Springfield
+Jordan Martin, Missouri State Hazelwood Central
+Lou Griffith, Bradley Washington
+Donovan Franklin, Indiana State O’Fallon
+Robin Thompson, Missouri State St. Louis MICDS
De’Antae Mc Murray, Drake, sr. Alton Marquette
Brandon Murphy, Indiana State, sr. Montgomery Carver
Tanveer Bhullar, Missouri State, sr. Huntington Prep
Austin Weiher, Southern Illinois, jr. Creating Young Minds Academy
Obediah Church, Missouri State, jr. Springfield
Peter Hanley, Bradley, jr. Peoria Notre Dame
@Ryan Fazekas, Valparaiso, jr. Michigan City Marquette
Jordan Barnes, Indiana State, so. St. Louis CBC
Koch Bar, Bradley, so. Arlington Country Day
Taylor Bruninga, Illinois State, fr. Illini Bluffs
@Cooper Neese, Indiana State Cloverdale
@Franklin Agunanne, Loyola (Chicago)     St. Louis Christian Academy
@Isaiah Bujdoso, Loyola (Chicago) Sunrise Christian Academy


+Jonathan Montgomery, Chicago State Chicago Lincoln Park
+Blake Davis, Grand Canyon Phoenix St. Mary’s
+Brandon Spearman, Hawai’i Chicago Hales Franciscan
+John Paul, Utah Valley La Lumiere School
+Shaquille Boga, Texas-Pan American Mc Cluer
+Andreas Bigum, Texas-Pan American Sunrise Christian Academy
+Negus Webster-Chan, Hawai’i Huntington Prep
+Sadiq Inuwa, Cal State-Bakersfield La Lumiere School
+Janari Joesaar, Texas-Rio Grande Valley Sunrise Christian Academy
+Jared Dimakos, Chicago State Lake Forest Academy
+Aly Ahmed, Cal State-Bakersfield Trent InternationalE
+RaVonn Posey, Cal State-Bakersfield Milwaukee Riverside University
+Stefan Jankovic, Hawai’i Huntington Prep
+Manroop Clair, Seattle Trent InternationalE
+Telly Davenport, Utah Valley Idaho Falls Bonneville
Moataz Aly Hosny, Cal State-Bakersfield, sr. Sunrise Christian Academy
Jonathan Wilkins, New Mexico State, sr. La Lumiere School
Moe Mc Donald, Texas-Rio Grande Valley, sr.   IMG Academy
@Myles Carter, Seattle, jr. Chicago St. Rita
Cameron Bowles, Chicago State, fr. Chicago Kenwood
@Tim Finke, Grand Canyon Champaign Central

BIG 12

+De Andre Jordan, Texas A&M Humble Christian Life Academy
+Lucca Staiger, Iowa State Decatur Christian
+Tobi Oyedeji, Texas A&M Bellaire
+D’Walyn Roberts, Texas Tech Duncanville
+Tristan Thompson, Texas Findlay College Prep
+Jai Lucas, Texas Bellaire
+Cory Joseph, Texas Findlay College Prep
+Nolan Dennis, Baylor Richland
+Stargell Love, Baylor Quality Education Academy
+Quincy Miller, Baylor Quality Education Academy
+Andrew Fitzgerald, Oklahoma Towson Catholic
+Ty Nurse, Texas Tech Decatur Christian
+Matthew Humphrey, West Virginia Chicago Hales Franciscan
+Myck Kabongo, Texas Findlay College Prep
+Cameron Clark, Oklahoma Sherman
+Andrew Wiggins, Kansas Huntington Prep
+Myles Turner, Texas Euless Trinity
+Georges Niang, Iowa State Tilton School
+Buddy Hield, Oklahoma Sunrise Christian Academy
+Dinjiyl Walker, Oklahoma Academy of the New Church
+Wayne Selden, Kansas Tilton School
+Nazareth Mitrou-Long, Iowa State Findlay Prep
+Landen Lucas, Kansas Findlay Prep
+Elijah Macon, West Virginia Huntington Prep
Jevon Carter, West Virginia, sr. Proviso East
Ahmed Hamdy Mohamed, TCU, sr.  Trent InternationalE
Josh Webster, Texas Tech, jr. St. Louis CBC
James Banks, Texas, so. La Lumiere School
Xavier Sneed, Kansas State, so. Hazelwood Central
Udoka Azubuike, Kansas, so. Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian
Mohamed Bamba, Texas, fr. Westtown School
Terrence Lewis, Iowa State, fr. Milwaukee Riverside University
Levi Stockard, Kansas State, fr. St. Louis Vashon/ Madison College Prep
@Quentin Grimes, Kansas College Park
@Kendric Davis, TCU Sam Houston MSTC
@Shaun Williams, Kansas State Hazelwood Central
@George Conditt, Iowa State Chicago Corliss
@@Markese Jacobs, Kansas Chicago Uplift


+Cameron Wells, The Citadel Houston Bellaire
+Tyler Hunt, Furman IMG Academies
+Gregg Wooten, Samford Memphis Briarcrest
+RaShawn Rembert, East Tennessee State Tampa Sickles
+Milos Kostic, Appalachian State Trader’s Point Christian Academy
+P.J. Boutte, The Citadel Indianapolis Howe
+Hanner Mosquera-Perea, East Tennessee State La Lumiere School
@Ruben Guerrero, Samford, sr. Sunrise Christian Academy
@Brandon Austin, Samford, jr. Montgomery Carver
Ethan Stair, Mercer, so. Hazel Green
@Carlos Curtis, East Tennessee State Milwaukee Riverside University  
@Daivien Williamson, East Tennessee State Winston-Salem Prep


+Laquenten (D.J.) Jones, Georgia State Wilkinson County
Vasa Pusica, Northeastern, jr. Sunrise Christian Academy
Ty Taylor, UNC-Wilmington, so. Grandview


+Logan Irwin, Stetson Whitko
Antravious Simmons, Florida Gulf Coast, sr. South Miami


+Patrick Richard, Mc Neese State Lafayette Carencro
+Kevin Butler, Texas-Arlington Duncanville
+Johnathan Evans, Houston Baptist Bellaire
+Kelcey Solomon, Incarnate Word Bellaire
+Daouda Berete, Central Arkansas Little Rock Hall
+Jeff Drew, Central Arkansas Little Rock Hall
+Ryan King, Northwestern State Quality Education Academy
+Zach Rumph, Southeastern Louisiana Montgomery Carver
+Demetrious “Meechie” Floyd, Stephen F. Austin Mc Cluer
+Quan Jones, Lamar Little Rock Hall
+Andre Sands, Sam Houston State Sunrise Christian Academy
Makur Puou, New Orleans, sr. Mooseheart
Malik Metoyer, Northwestern State, jr. Campti Lakeview
Nathan Bain, Stephen F. Austin, so. Sunrise Christian Academy
Brandon Vanover, Central Arkansas, fr. Little Rock Baptist Prep
Chidozie Ndu, Sam Houston State, fr. Sunrise Christian Academy
@Khaleem Bennett, Central Arkansas Sunrise Christian Academy    
@Tony Hopkins, New Orleans Indianapolis T.C. Howe


+Joey Rodriguez, VCU Lake Howell
+Bradford Burgess, VCU Richmond Benedictine
+Darien Brothers, Richmond Richmond Benedictine
+Juvonte Reddic, VCU Quality Education Academy
+Johnny Williams, George Mason Memphis Briarcrest
+Jermaine Myers, Fordham Culver Military Academy
+DeKeba Battee-Aston, Fordham Richland/Findlay Prep
+JeQuan Lewis, VCU Dickson County
+JaVontae Hawkins, Fordham Huntington Prep
@Marcus Evans, VCU, jr. Cape Henry Collegiate
Jair Bolden, George Washington, so.    Westtown School
Nick Robinson, St. Joseph’s, so. Chicago Kenwood
Dusan Kovacevic, Davidson, so. Sunrise Christian Academy  


+Scott Kingsley, Fairleigh Dickinson Chicago St. Rita
+J.J. Cratit, Central Connecticut State South Miami
Taevon Ashmeade, Robert Morris, jr. Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian
Charles Bain, Robert Morris, fr. La Lumiere School
@Ousmane Ndim, LIU-Brooklyn St. Louis Christian Academy


+Marko Petrovic, San Francisco Findlay Prep
+Manny Ochenje, Pepperdine Brehm Prep
+Godwin Okonji, Loyola-Marymount Findlay Prep
+Stefan Cox, San Francisco La Lumiere School
+Nigel Williams-Goss, Gonzaga Findlay Prep
+Munis Tutu, Loyola Marymount La Lumiere School
James Batemon, Loyola Marymount, jr.     Milwaukee Riverside University
@Juan Ducasse, Santa Clara Sunrise Christian Academy


+Ozren Bjelogrlic, Liberty Decatur Christian
+Wayne Whiting, VMI Richmond Benedictine
+Herve Aholode, Gardner-Webb Huntington Prep
+Jorge Perez-Laham, High Point South Miami
+Miles Bowman, High Point Quality Education Academy
Brendan Newton, Liberty, fr. – RS                            Faith Christian School


+Raymond Sims, South Alabama Boys to Men Academy
+Martavius Adams, Arkansas State Wilkinson County
+Scottie Farrington, Louisiana-Lafayette Humble Christian Life
+Rakeem Dickerson, Arkansas State Little Rock Hall/ Brehm Prep
+Nelson Nweke, Arkansas State Grandview
Kevin Baker, Troy, sr. St. Louis Imagine Prep
Travis Munnings, Louisiana-Monroe, jr. Sunrise Christian Academy
Calvin Anderson, Louisiana-Monroe, jr.    St. Louis Christian Academy
Christian Willis, Arkansas State, so. St. Louis CBC
Darian Adams, Troy, fr. Montgomery Carver
Malik Burnett, Troy, fr. Huntsville Lee
Damir Hadzic, Arkansas-Little Rock, fr.          Arlington Country Day


+Darington Hobson, New Mexico Decatur Christian
+Anthony Bennett, UNLV Findlay Prep
+Goodluck Okonoboh, UNLV Tilton School
+Winston Shepard, San Diego State Findlay Prep
+Michael Nesbitt, New Mexico La Lumiere School
+Patrick Mc Caw, UNLV St. Louis CBC
+Torren Jones, Fresno State Chandler Basha
+Obij Aget, New Mexico La Lumiere School
Sam Logwood, New Mexico, sr. La Lumiere School
Jalen James, San Jose State, sr. La Lumiere School
Jaron Hopkins, Fresno State, sr. Chandler Basha
Jordan Caroline, Nevada, jr.                         Champaign Central


+Elliot Lloyd, Northern Colorado Houston Klein Forest
+Gabe Rogers, Northern Arizona Houston Klein Forest
+Byron Fulton, Weber State Phoenix Saint Mary’s
+Donivine Stewart, Portland State Limestone
Benas Griciunas, Eastern Washington, sr. Findlay Prep
Chaz Glotta, Northern Colorado, jr. Fort Zumwalt North
Jo Jo Anderson, Northern Arizona, so. La Lumiere School
Ivan Madunic, Southern Utah, so.                     Jacksonville Arlington Country Day
Jared Stutzman, Idaho State, so. Idaho Falls Bonneville


+Tyrae Robinson, Ball State Gary Bowman
+Paris Paramore, Central Michigan Chicago George Washington
+D.J. Cooper, Ohio Chicago Hales Franciscan
+Stan Wier, Buffalo La Lumiere School
+Chris Bond, Ball State Gary Bowman
+Kameran Madison, Ball State Gary Bowman
+Kris Brewer, Kent State Brehm Prep
+Aaron Armstead, Northern Illinois Chicago Hales Franciscan
+Charles Harris, Western Michigan Lake Forest Academy
+Kurt Hall, Toledo North Chicago
James Thompson, Eastern Michigan, jr.         Baton Rouge Parkview Baptist
Isaiah Coleman-Lands, Miami (Ohio), fr.      La Lumiere School
@T.J. Smith, Toledo Wesley Christian School


+Beas Hamga, UAB Decatur Christian
+Alonzo Edwards, North Texas Houston Klein Forest
+Roger Franklin, North Texas Duncanville
+Kevin Kaspar, Western Kentucky Findlay College Prep
+George Matthews, Texas-San Antonio Phoenix St. Mary’s
+Andrew Drone, Rice Gallatin County
Lewis Sullivan, UAB, jr. Hazel Green
Deion Lavender, UAB, jr. Alton Marquette
Marek Nelson, Western Kentucky, fr. Sunrise Christian Academy  
Jhivvan Jackson, Texas-San Antonio, fr.     Euless Trinity
Najja Hunter, Rice, fr. Westtown School
Joey St. Pierre, Texas-El Paso, fr.                         La Lumiere School
@Joseph Reece, Old Dominion St. Louis Vashon
@Isaiah Bigelow, Charlotte Greensboro Smith


+Tyler Les, UC-Davis Peoria Notre Dame
+Olalekan Ajayi, Cal State-Northridge Quality Education Academy
+Evan Payne, Long Beach State Huntington Prep
Brandon Davis, UC-Santa Barbara, fr.            Bishop Alemany
Iziah James, Cal Poly, fr.                                           Cape Henry Collegiate
@D.J. Mc Donald, UC-Riverside Bishop Alemany


+Larry Stone, IUPUI Indianapolis Howe
+Cylk Joseph, IP- Fort Wayne Gary Bowman
+Kevin Rose, IUPUI Indianapolis Howe
+Elijah Ray, IUPUI Gary Bowman
+Kam Rowan, Western Illinois Champaign Central
+Noah Wells, Western Illinois Champaign Central
Dylan Miller, North Dakota State, jr.                       Hillsboro


Nevell Provo, Loyola-Maryland, jr.                 Huntington Prep
Nick Finke, Army-West Point, fr. Champaign Central
Tray Webster, Army-West Point, fr. Montgomery Carver    


+Jamaal Day, South Carolina State Wilkinson County
+Julian Washington, Howard Peoria Manual
+Michael Harper, Coppin State Milwaukee Custer
+Michael Tuitt, Hampton Chicago Boys to Men Academy
+Larry Bastfield, Morgan State Towson Catholic
+Jamie Adams, Florida A&M Chicago Hales Franciscan
+Jerran Foster, Florida A&M Quality Education Academy
+Lawrence Fejokwu, Coppin State Sunrise Christian Academy
+Joshea Singleton, North Carolina A&T Kinston
+Randy Holmes, Bethune-Cookman St. Louis Soldan
+Dwight Meikle, Hampton Quality Education Academy
Kalin Fisher, Hampton, jr.                                  Proviso East
RayShawn Neal, South Carolina State, fr. Legacy Charter School
Kamron Reaves, Florida A&M, fr. Champaign Central


+Brett Chance, Canisius Lake Howell
+Djibril Coulibaly, Manhattan Boys to Men Academy
+Michael Haynes, Iona Chicago Washington
+Jordan Davis, Monmouth Tampa Sickles
+Derek Needham, Fairfield Chicago De La Salle
+Paul Bayt, Manhattan Indianapolis Park Tudor
+Marvin Jordan, Niagara Peoria Manual
+Marcus Gilbert, Fairfield Academy of the New Church
+Malcolm Gilbert, Fairfield Academy of the New Church
Richie Mitchell, Marist College, jr.                       Michigan City Marquette
@Steve Levnaic, Niagara The Rise Centre Academy


+Brian Talley, Southern University Duncanville
+Brion Stafford, Texas Southern Humble Christian Life
+Will Clark, Texas Southern Rockwood Summit
+Pierre Andrews, Alabama A&M Chicago Washington
+Phillip Williams, Jackson State Chicago Hales Franciscan
+Cortney Bell, Prairie View A&M Chicago Lincoln Park
+Rahkeem Lehaman, Alcorn State Greenwood Amanda Elzy
+Joshua Friar, Texas Southern Trent InternationalE
+Tony Armstrong, Alabama State Montgomery Carver
+Corvon Butler, Alabama State Champaign Central
+Janarius Middleton, Jackson State Greenwood Amanda Elzy
+Jabari Alex, Mississippi Valley State Proviso East
+Darrell Riley, Mississippi Valley State Milwaukee North Division
+Rahamanh Katumbusi, Alcorn State Chicago Kenwood
Travon Bunch, Grambling State, jr. St. Louis Christian Academy
Kareem Wright, Grambling State, so. St. Louis Christian Academy
Evan Wiley, Alabama A&M, so. Huntsville Lee
Tracey Burnett, Alabama A&M, so. Huntsville Lee


+Jelani Poston, Illinois-Chicago Boys to Men Academy
+Josh Mc Coy, Cleveland State Fort Zumwalt South
+Jeremy Montgomery, Cleveland State Chicago Lincoln Park
+Paris Gulley, UW-Milwaukee Peoria Manual
+Josh Crittle, Illinois-Chicago Chicago Hales Franciscan
+Jordan Manual, Detroit-Mercy Indianapolis Howe
+Bobo Drummond, Wright State La Lumiere School
+Evan Richard, UW-Milwaukee Cuba City
+Keith Carter, Valparaiso Proviso East
+Paris Burns, Illiinois-Chicago Proviso East
+JayQuan Mc Cloud, UW-Milwaukee North Chicago
+Alec Peters, Valparaiso Washington
David Jesperson, UW-Green Bay, sr. Merrill
Dominique Matthews, Illinois-Chicago, jr.             Chicago St. Rita
Nick Rogers, IUPUI, so. Trader’s Point Christian Academy 
Godwin Boahen, Illinois-Chicago, so. St. Louis Christian Academy
@Algevon Eichelberger, Cleveland State, so. La Lumiere School
Manny Patterson, UW-Green Bay, fr. Chicago Kenwood
@Malachi Smith, Wright State Belleville West
@Tyronn Mosley, UW-Milwaukee Chicago Orr


+Clay Holloway, Louisville Chicago Boys to Men Academy
+Shawn Williams, SMU Duncanville
+Calvin Godfrey, Memphis Milwaukee Custer
+Kedren Johnson, Memphis Marshall County
+Mangok Mathiang, Louisville Brehm Prep
+Sterling Brown, SMU Proviso East
Usman Haruna, East Carolina, jr. Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian 
Chris Harris, Houston, so. Houston Madison
@Zeke Moore, Tulsa, so. St. Louis Riverview Gardens
Jamal Johnson, Memphis, fr.                                      Spain Park
Justin Brown, South Florida, fr. Spain Park
Mamadou Diarra, Cincinnati, fr. St. Louis Christian Academy 
@Connor Vanover, Memphis Little Rock Baptist Academy


+Alex Mayfield, SIU-Edwardsville O’Fallon
+Charles Joy, SIU-Edwardsville O’Fallon
+Patrick Miller, Tennessee State Chicago Hales Franciscan
+Mike Liabo, Tennessee-Martin Brehm Prep
+B.J. Mc Laughlin, Tennessee-Martin Hazelwood Central
+Paul Mc Roberts, Southeast Missouri State St. Louis Soldan
+Myles Taylor, Tennessee-Martin Little Rock Hall
+Terrence Durham, Tennessee-Martin Brehm Prep
+Trae Anderson, Eastern Illinois Hazelwood Central
+Anthony Pratt, Eastern Kentucky St. Louis Christian Academy
+De Juan Marrero, Morehead State Gary Bowman Academy
Darreon Reddick, Tennessee State, sr. Belleville East
@Detrick Mostella, Jacksonville State, sr. La Lumiere School
Zach Glotta, Austin Peay State, jr. Fort Zumwalt North
Armani Chaney, Tennessee State, jr. Chicago St. Rita
Aboubacar Diallo, Eastern Illinois, jr. St. Louis Christian Academy
Maurice Dunlap, Jacksonville State, jr. Greenwood Amanda Elzy


+Darius Stevens, Columbia La Lumiere School
+Kevin Crescenzi, Dartmouth Tilton School
@Jaylan Gainey, Brown     Greensboro Smith  



+Brent Stanton, Texas A&M-Commerce Duncanville
+Breland Mc Knight, Kentucky Wesleyan Peoria Manual
+Josh Edmonds, Quincy Peoria Notre Dame
+Gavin Wiss, Quincy Fort Zumwalt West
+Josh Benoit, Mount Olive College Kinston
+Greg Foster, Saginaw Valley State Indianapolis Howe
+Ivan Gombovic, Angelo State Decatur Christian
+Brett Chance, Rollins Winter Park Lake Howell
+Brandon Ross, Charleston Chicago Lincoln Park
+Elliot Lloyd, Abilene Christian Houston Klein Forest
+Zander Culver, Winona State Champaign Central
+Josh Mc Coy, UMSL Fort Zumwalt South
+Fred Jones, Kentucky State Cahokia
+Isiah Hale, UI-Springfield Springfield
+Cliff Fleming, Lincoln University St. Anne
+Chris Weber, Henderson State Little Rock Hall
+Bernardo Guitron, Adelphi IMG Academy
+Jordan Walker, Walsh Champaign Central
+Julian Johnson, Missouri S&T St. Louis Whitfield School
+Keyon Smothers, LeMoyne-Owen Chicago George Washington
+Daniel Pittman, Kutztown Academy of the New Church
+Devin Booker, Lincoln University St. Louis Soldan
+Wells Davis, University of Waterloo (Canada) Culver Military Academy
+Kevin Dwyer, UMSL Rockwood Summit
+Tyrae Robinson, Indianapolis Gary Bowman
+Joe Daniels, Indianapolis Champaign Central
+Daniel Daudu, Indianapolis Brehm Prep
+Remy N’Diaye, Dallas Baptist Lake Forest Academy
+Chris Babbitt, Quincy Hazelwood Central
+Victor Holloway, Winston-Salem State Kinston
+Jelani Poston, Arkansas-Fort Smith Chicago Boys to Men Academy
+Joseph Charles, Western State-Colorado Lafayette Carencro
+Stargell Love, New Mexico Highlands Quality Education Academy
+Addison Flynn, Tusculum Fayette County
+David Smith, Upper Iowa Lake Forest Academy
+Johnathan Evans, St. Thomas Bellaire
+Evandro Bildau, Guilford College Tilton School
+Tyler Hunt, Merrimack IMG Academy
+Marquez Jones, Winston-Salem State Kinston
+Dory Hines, Mount Olive Kinston
+Wesley Gipson, Dallas Baptist Richland
+Ben Stelzer, Michigan Tech Roncalli Catholic
+Dylan Sparkman, UI-Springfield East Peoria
+Jon Riles, Bloomsburg Academy of the New Church
+Brian Rouse, Saint Mary’s- Nova Scotia Brehm Prep
+Josh Buie, Lincoln University O’Fallon
+Jordan Davis, Tampa Tampa Sickles
+Darius Stevens, Clarion La Lumiere School
+Chris Freeman, Urbana Champaign Central
+Donald Stewart, Lane College Champaign Central
+Travis Britt, Southern Indiana Culver Military Academy
+Nate Des Jardins, Quincy Peoria Richwoods
+Jordan Wilson, Quincy Hazelwood Central
+Aaron Emmanuel, Missouri-Western La Lumiere School
+Zach Ellis, Missouri S&T St. Louis Whitfield
+Derek Deters, Maryville Troy Buchanan
+Michael Jackson, Mc Kendree O’Fallon
+Jack Murphy, Mc Kendree Peoria Richwoods
+Jordan Seele, St. Joseph’s College Chillicothe IVC
+Daouda Berete, Ouachita Baptist Little Rock Hall
+Rakeem Dickerson, Central Missouri Little Rock Hall/ Brehm Prep
+B.J. Mc Laughlin, Missouri S&T Hazelwood Central
+Jermaine Myers, Northwood Culver Military Academy
+Franklin Uzonwanne, Dallas Baptist Sunrise Christian Academy
+Charles Mc Kinney, Emporia State Quality Education Academy
+Roy Bullock, Union University O’Fallon
+Treston Forbes, Caldwell University Chicago St. Rita
+Evan Mc Gaughey, Quincy Illini West
+Mike Tyson, Fayetteville State Kinston
+Jorge Perez-Laham, William Jewell South Miami
+Neville Young, Stillman Montgomery Carver
+Landon Mills, Lindenwood Troy Buchanan
+Danny Zuikov, Missour S&T La Lumiere School
+Adam Djukic, Mc Gill University (Canada) La Lumiere School
+Bobo Drummond, Southern Indiana La Lumiere School
+Matej Delinac, Peru State Brehm Prep
+Williams Gabriel, Central Missouri Huntington Prep
+John Paul, Brandon University La Lumiere School
+Andre Sands, Newman Sunrise Christian Academy
+J.J. Cratit, Missouri Southern State South Miami
+Randy Holmes, Missouri S&T St. Louis Soldan
+Juvon Turner, Northeastern State Chicago Perspectives
+Robert Harris, Minnesota-Duluth Milwaukee Riverside University
Ran Tut, Angelo State, sr. Brehm Prep
Troy Spears, NOVA Southeastern, sr. Indianapolis Park Tudor
Adrian Wong, Ateneo de Manila University, sr. Euless Trinity
Zach Fischer, Truman State, sr. St. Louis CBC
Milos Kostic, Palm Beach Atlantic, sr. Trader’s Point Christian Academy
David Kapinga, University of Calgary, sr. St. Louis Christian Academy
Mangisto Deng, New Mexico Highlands, sr. Mooseheart
Marcelas Perry, Holy Names University, sr. Sacramento Capital Christian
Kam Rowan, Upper Iowa, sr. Champaign Central
Darien Mc Clain, Azusa Pacific, jr. O’Fallon
Donovan Franklin, Pittsburg State, jr. O’Fallon
Robin Thompson, Maryville, jr. St. Louis MICDS
Anton Ivy, University of Charleston, jr. Peoria Manual
Delano Jones, Cameron, jr. Peoria Manual
Luke Beesley, Southern Connecticut State, jr. Champaign Central
Enis Memic, Missouri Southern State, jr. St. Louis Christian Academy
Wesley Nosakhare, Southern Arkansas, jr. Grandview
Mamadou Kamara, Adams State, jr. St. Louis Christian Academy
Nate Bethel, McKendree, jr. St. Louis Christian Academy
Cameron Munroe, Livingstone College, jr. St. Louis Christian Academy
Courtez Dixon, New Mexico Highlands, jr. North Chicago
Joshua Oliver, Francis Marion University, jr. Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian Academy
Bryan Heath, Michigan Tech, jr. Rockridge
Cole Harper, Minnesota State, jr. Chatham Glenwood
Trevor Entwisle, Minnesota-Duluth, jr. Neenah
Brandon Mc Roy, Concordia-St. Paul, jr. Chicago St. Rita
Munis Tutu, Carleton University, jr. La Lumiere School
Brad Newman, Lindenwood, jr. Brookfield Central
Donovan Oliver, Lewis, so. Kewanee
Tommy Lucca, Michigan Tech, so. Genoa-Kingston
Gojko Djokovic, Harding, so. St. Louis Christian Academy
Olawale Odofin, Truman State, so. St. Louis Christian Academy
Dominique Dobbs, Lindenwood, so. Hazelwood Central
Jonah Matulle, Wisconsin-Parkside, so. Neenah
Ryan Chappell, Montana State- Billings, so. Sacramento Capital Christian
Devin Whitelow, Winona State, fr. Washington
Daniel Farris, Central Missouri, fr. St. Louis Vashon
Koray Gilbert, Missouri Southern State, fr. St. Louis Vashon
Sam Orf, Alabama-Huntsville, fr. St. Louis CBC


Nick Noskowiak, Otero Junior College Sun Prairie
Tivonte “Tay” Hardy, San Jacinto College Campti Lakeview
Darrell Riley, Williston State College Milwaukee North Division
JayQuan McCloud, Highland Community College North Chicago
Rod Johnson, Highland Community College Sun Prairie
Malcolm Weathers, San Jacinto College Cape Henry Collegiate
ShanQuan Hemphill, Florida Southwestern College Michigan City
Antonio Williams, Indian Hills Junior College Proviso East
Alston Davis, Cape Fear Community College Jacksonville Arlington Country Day
Ray Doby, South Plains College St. Louis CBC
Joshua Roberts, Kaskaskia College Chicago Westinghouse
Wesley Dee, Oakton Community College Champaign Central
Damion Taylor, John A. Logan College St. Louis Vashon
LeRoy Smith, Bismarck State College Peoria Manual
Maurice Evans, Shawnee Community College Hazelwood Central
Rob “R.J.” Howard, Shawnee Community College Michigan City
Malik Barnett, MCC-Penn Valley St. Louis Riverview Gardens
Cameron Pottain, Mississippi Delta Community College Campti Lakeview
Willie Greenwood, Mississippi Delta Community College Proviso East
Sebastian Gray, Northern Oklahoma College- Enid Sunrise Christian Academy
De Shawn Black, Madison College Sun Prairie
Kaelen Johnson, Bismarck State College Peoria Richwoods
Ta Juan Johnson, Georgia Highlands College Proviso East
Liddell Davis, Moraine Valley Community College Proviso West
Danya Kingsby, College of Southern Idaho Jacksonville Arlington Country Day
Telly Davenport, College of Southern Idaho Idaho Falls Bonneville
Charles James, St. Louis Community College St. Louis Northwest Academy of Law
Treante Mason, State Fair Community College Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian
Kent Thomas, Frank Phillips College Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian
Ashton Ray, Laramie County Community College Huntsville Lee
Malik Davis, Central Georgia Technical College South Miami
Roman Young, Mineral Area College Sunrise Christian Academy
Jareb Dougherty, Polk State Community College Jacksonville Arlington Country Day
Javoun Watters, Kennedy-King Community College Springfield
Tyler Houston, Carl Sandburg College Knoxville
Lou Griffith, Lincoln College Washington
Christopher Duarte, Northwest Florida State College Redemption Christian Academy
Alonzo Verge, Moberly Area Community College Arlington Country Day
Ja Vonte’  Perkins, Southwestern Illinois College St. Louis Miller Career
Keith Clemons, Vincennes University Wesley Christian School
George Dixon, Vincennes University Milwaukee Riverside University
Ty Gadsden, Vincennes University Jacksonville Arlington Country Day
Melvin Lee, Georgia Highlands College Milwaukee Riverside University
Malik Marrow, Baltimore City Community College Cape Henry Collegiate
Tyrell Mendenhall, Richard Bland College Legacy Charter School
James Moore, Cape Fear Community College Legacy Charter School
Darrion Clinton, Spartanburg Methodist College Legacy Charter School
Raymond Smith, Lewis & Clark Community College St. Louis Christian Academy
Jaronde Boyd, Panola College Michigan City
Troy Dominique Jones, Kishwaukee College Michigan City
Amari Evans, Itasca Community College Indianapolis Manual
David Hunt, Rend Lake College Chicago Kenwood
Tyler Chisom, Ancilla College Proviso East
Jamal Smith, Mississippi Delta Community College Proviso East
Marshawn Williams, Fort Scott Community College Proviso East
Tromon Weston, Lake Land College St. Louis Vashon
Juan Contreras, Carl Sandburg College Kewanee
Travis Kettering, Santiago Canyon College Anaheim Esperanza
Tony Chukwuemeke, Iowa Western Community College St. Louis Christian Academy
Maurice Golden, St. Louis Community College St. Louis Northwest Academy of Law
Carleton Williams, Coffeyville Community College Montgomery Carver
Terrell Phipps, Paris Junior College Chicago Al Raby
Tywon Henderson, Truman Community College Chicago Al Raby
Cologeno Dawson, Ranger College Champaign Central/ Urbana
Mystikal Suggs, Bryant-Stratton College Urbana
Dexter Reed, Morton College Chicago Westinghouse
David Jasson, Kankakee Community College Chicago Uplift
Joe Woods, Black Hawk College Milwaukee Riverside University
Dantario Ward, Moraine Valley Community College Proviso West


+Nate Rakestraw, Biola Springdale Har-Ber
+Sean Johnson, Illinois Wesleyan Washington
+Travis Rosenkranz, Illinois Wesleyan Macon Meridian
+Deontay Young, Concordia Chicago Lincoln Park
+Lono Brazil, Concordia Chicago Lincoln Park
+Brandon Streets, Olivet-Nazarene Glenbard East
+Ben Rapp, Fontbonne Fort Zumwalt West
+P.J. Shannon, Central Baptist Sprindale Har-Ber
+Dexter Walker, Illinois Wesleyan Morton
+Tyler Ruschmeyer, North Central Pekin
+Marcus Watts, Indiana University-East Indianapolis Howe
+Charles Outlaw, Aurora Chicago Lincoln Park
+Lawyer Crowder, Mac Murray Peoria Manual
+Chris Lehmann, Iowa Central Champaign Central
+Jackson Scott, Millikin Washington
+Aaron Brown, Benedictine College Chicago Washington
+Ozren Bjelogrlic, Seton Hill Decatur Christian
+Jake Willis, Monmouth East Peoria
+Joe Schweigert, Wisconsin-Platteville Cuba City
+Marcus Campbell, Rockhurst Chicago Hales Franciscan
+Derek Tranel, Madison College Cuba City
+Jon Jesse, Illinois Benedictine Chicago De La Salle
+Rob Robinson, North Park Chicago De La Salle
+Jacob Shasteen, Millikin Macon Meridian
+Nolan Zoellner, Fontbonne Washington
+Greg Schrimpf, Wisconsin-Oshkosh Roncalli Catholic
+Chris Donnelly, Saint Ambrose Peoria Notre Dame
+Tanner Carlson, Knox College Annawan
+Matt Skelly, Grinnell College Phoenix Saint Mary’s
+James Hollins, Lewis & Clark College Phoenix Saint Mary’s
+Derek Nkemnji, Edgewood College Madison Memorial
+Ronald Waller, St. Gregory’s Fort Zumwalt West
+Anthony Resendes, Midland Lutheran Phoenix St. Mary’s
+Bryce Donaldson, Monmouth East Peoria
+Drew Blumenshiine, Illinois Wesleyan Peoria Notre Dame
+Jamie King, Trinity Christian College Pekin
+Kevin Waibel, Augustana College Morton
+Doug Lillibridge, Knox College Byron
+Keith Biggers, Dakota State Champaign Central
+Michal Banczer, St. Norbert Lake Forest Academy
+Shane Watson, Rhodes College O’Fallon
+Ryan Anderson, Purdue-Calumet Salt Fork
+Josh Prosser, Augustana College Eureka
+Terrell Bruce, Concordia Towson Catholic
+Jayme Donnelly, Evangel Linn
+Ben Worner, Olivet Nazarene Washington
+Mark Lessen, Eureka College Delavan
+Brandan Connor, Lynchburg College Richmond Benedictine
+Brian Talley, Texas Wesleyan Duncanville
+Taj Ar-Razaaq, Graceland Imagine College Prep
+De Marius Sumrell, William Woods Limestone
+Aaron Samuel, Rockhurst Chicago De La Salle
+Frank Lamzik, Westminster Fort Zumwalt South
+Robert Burns, Waldorf Milwaukee Custer
+Derak Stanback, Waldorf Glenbard East
+Curtis Churchman, Avila Hazelwood Central
+Anthony Senevey, Central Methodist Linn
+Darryn Anderson, Lindenwood-Belleville Hazelwood Central
+Joey Rasco, Culver-Stockton Troy Buchanan
+Jack Stephens, Fontbonne Peoria Notre Dame
+Brady Zimmer, Illinois Wesleyan Delavan
+Marquis Lobdell, Eureka College Limestone
+Michael Gallagher, Rhodes College St. Louis Whitfield
+Brett Meinecke, Edgewood Coolege Sussex Hamilton
+Alex Rudd, Redlands St. Louis Whitfield
+Jake Rutan, Loras College Chillicothe IVC
+Nick Rochford, Monmouth Peoria Notre Dame
+Adam Varvil, Illinois College Varna Midland
+Justin Smith, Illinois College Peoria Notre Dame
+Kevin Gill, Washington & Lee Richmond Benedictine
+Kenny Rhymes, Texas Wesleyan Chicago Hales Franciscan
+Conor Bernhard, Coe College Byron
+Brian Krone, UW-Eau Claire Sussex Hamilton
+Denmark Mc Donald, Trinity Western Brehm Prep
+Trevor Teal, Eureka College Delavan
+Jim Thomas, Missouri Valley College Fort Zumwalt South
+Brandon Graham, Southern Maine Fort Zumwalt West
+Jeremiah Price, Harris-Stowe State St. Louis Imagine College Prep
+Josh Fenoglia, Eureka College Varna Midland
+Josh Hack, Eureka College Washington
+Parish Mason, Loras College Peoria Richwoods
+Alex Dodane, USMMA Culver Military Academy
+Xavier Lindsey, Central Baptist College Little Rock Hall
+Austin Cahill, Wisconsin-Superior Phoenix St. Mary’s
+Roberts Baltruns, William Penn Brehm Prep
+Marious Lobdell, Eureka College Peoria Manual
+Zac Van de Water, Indiana Wesleyan Whitko
+Mark Roth, Augustana Washington
+Alex Cline, Loras College East Peoria
+Rickey Thomas, Lyon College Little Rock Hall
+Aaron Abram, Oklahoma Baptist Gary Lew Wallace
+Carvel Claggett, Graceland KC Winnetonka
+Trey Jones, St. Gregory’s Sherman
+Jared Fulks, Baker Universit St. Louis Miller Career Academy
+Brody Bence, Millikin Shelbyville
+Tyler Primm, Bethel Dickson County
+Geron Primm, Bethel Dickson County
+Nate Flores, IU Northwest Michigan City Marquette
+Javeer Ross, William Penn Peoria Richwoods
+Shakaree Scaife, Tennessee Wesleyan Little Rock Hall
+Denzel Irving, Aurora University Peoria Richwoods
+Jake Hill, Midland University La Lumiere School
+Jeff Drew, William Penn Little Rock Hall
+Ben Ryan, Augustana Washington
+Brian Ehresman, Greenville El Paso-Gridley
+Elijah Kinmon, Millikin O’Fallon
+T.J. Griffin, Millikin Mc Cluer
+Caleb Unni, Suffolk University Tilton School
+Ignacio Ballve, Suffolk University Tilton School
+Mike Swanson, Colby-Sawyer Tilton School
+Brandon Hagenow, Lakeland College Sussex Hamilton
+Logan Irwin, Grace College Whitko
+Dalton Wagler, Holy Cross College Washington
+Sam Feehan, Eureka College Peoria Notre Dame
+Nick Moore, IU Northwest Gary Bowman Academy
+Taivon Kincaid, Blackburn College Springfield
+Donta Daniel, LaGrange College Dickson County
+Harold Bocchiecamp, St. Thomas- MN Neenah
+Adam Pronschinske, Wisconsin-Eau Claire Neenah
+Charlie Frank, Denison St. Louis MICDS
+Sean Mulhern, Dubuque East Peoria
+Damarkis Gary, Missouri Valley College St. Louis Northwest Academy of Law
+Tyrin Whitfield, Robert Morris- Springfield Springfield
+Fred Greer, Robert Morris-Peoria Champaign Central
+David Anderson, Governors State Limestone
+Lane Mahurin, Indiana Wesleyan Rockville
+Torren Jones, William Penn Chandler Basha
+Xavier Newson, Goshen Peoria Richwoods
+Gary Ulrich, Rose-Hulman Rockville
+Caleb Tuck, Bryan College Dickson County
+Tyler Spicer, Maryville College Dickson County
+Austin Dempsey, Freed-Hardeman Hazel Green
+Jacob Johnston, Augustana Erie
+A.J. Johnson, Monmouth College Chillicothe IVC
+Tucker Harlan, Elmhurst College Washington
+C.J. Harrington, Washiington University Indianapolis Park Tudor
+Brody Gronewold, Missouri Valley College Illini West
+Cody Young, Indiana-Southeast Trader’s Point Christian Academy
+Elijah Ray, Southeastern University Gary Bowman
+Charles Harris, Central Methodist Lake Forest Academy
+Chier Ajou, Texas Wesleyan Culver Military Academy
+Maurice Williams, Sterling College Fayette County
+Jermaine Walker, Arkansas Baptist St. Louis Madison College Prep
+VeQuan Clark, Benedictine College Sunrise Christian Academy
+Michael Williams, Purdue Northwest Gary Lew Wallace
+Nate Bell, Eureka College Peoria Notre Dame
+Aaron Nunn, Eureka College Peoria Manual
+A.J. Taylor, Concordia University-Wisconsin Brookfield Central
+Max Wojcik, MSOE Brookfield Central
+Caleb Mortag, Wisconsin-Whitewater Brookfield Central
+Daquise Gaines, Kansas Wesleyan Chandler Basha
+Patrick Dillon, St. Ambrose Peoria Notre Dame
+Sam Kerr, Wisconsin-Whitewater Sun Prairie
+K’Quan Carter, Harris-Stowe State St. Louis Riverview Gardens
+Mason McNutt, Missouri Valley College Hazelwood Central
+Caleb Wegner, William Penn O’Fallon
+Kenny Belt, William Penn Hazel Green
+Milos Milosevic, Bethany College St. Louis Christian Academy
+Kevin Smalls, Brewton-Parker College Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian Academy
+Cortland Gillespie, Judson University Michigan City Marquette
+Sadiq Inuwa, Montana Tech La Lumiere School
Joel Heesch, Carroll College, sr. Mauston
Kendall Davis, Mac Murray College, sr. Limestone
Martavian Payne, Lindenwod-Belleville, sr. St. Louis Imagine Prep
Nic Reynolds, Columbia College, sr. Peoria Notre Dame
Hank Mathews, Columbia College, sr. Peoria Notre Dame/ Limestone
RaVonn Posey, William Jessup, sr. Milwaukee Riverside University
Branden Jenkins, Texas Wesleyan, sr. Proviso East
Corey Swift, Bacone College, sr. Creating Young Minds Academy
Blake Buls, St. Ambrose, sr. Fort Zumwalt North
Anthony Brown, University of the Southwest, sr. Creating Young Minds Academy
Chet Griffith, Eureka College, sr. Washington
Shea Feehan, Eureka College, jr. Peoria Notre Dame
Anthony Stove, LSU-Alexandria, jr. Baton Rouge Parkview Baptist
Kendall Oliver, Johnson University, jr. Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian Academy
Germaine Roebuck, Judson, jr. Champaign Central
Malcolm Reed, Columbia College, jr. Michigan City Marquette
Dominique Mitchell, Life University, jr. Montgomery Carver
Latrell Poitier, Freed-Hardeman, jr. St. Louis Christian Academy
JoVonte’ Peals, Loras College, jr. Michigan City Marquette
Khalen Davis, North Park University, jr. Chicago St. Rita
Nathan Cokenour, Wisconsin-Platteville, jr. O’Fallon
Beau Bommarito, Emory University, jr. St. Louis CBC
Davion Watson, Mount Mercy, jr. Champaign Central
Edvinas Rupkus, Skidmore College, jr. Westtown School
Dakpe Yiljep, Skidmore College, jr. Westtown School
Alex Wiegand, Eureka College, jr. Washington
Colby Harrison, LSU-Alexandria, jr. Baton Rouge Parkview Baptist
C.J. Bird, LeTourneau University, jr. Euless Trinity
Mason Schaub, Elmhurst College, jr. Chillicothe IVC
Jelani Sankey, North Park, jr. Chicago Kenwood
Kristopher Mc Cann, Fontbonne, jr. Fort Zumwalt North
Israel Dosie, Concordia University, jr. Chicago Al Raby
N’Gai Dixon, Kansas Wesleyan, jr. Milwaukee Riverside University
Andrew Langston, De La Salle University, jr. (Philippines) Cape Henry Collegiate
Paul Grinde, Vassar College, jr. Cape Henry Collegiate
Rahamanh Katumbusi, Robert Morris-Chicago, jr. Chicago Kenwood
Shacquille Dawkins, Vanguard University, so. Bishop Alemany
Joe Strugg, Life University, so. Montgomery Carver
Brenton Toussaint, John Brown University, so. Campti Lakeview
Alex O’Neill, Illinois Wesleyan, so. Peoria Notre Dame
Steve Holloway, Columbia College, so. Hazelwood Central
Dominique Brize, Robert Morris-Peoria, so. Champaign Central
Terrell Herndon, Robert Morris- Springfield, so. St. Louis Imagine Prep
Kendrick Ashby, Rhodes College, so. Huntsville Lee
Bailey De Falco, Huntingdon College, so. Spain Park
Keon Day, St. Ambrose, so. Springfield
Fotis Malelis, St. Thomas University, so. Jacksonville Arlington Country Day
Cameron Boyd, Lyon College, so. Proviso West
Akim Nyang, Culver-Stockton, so. Mooseheart
Jordan Clay, Blackburn College, fr. St. Louis Vashon
Cameron Sembly, Rust College, fr. Indianapolis Manual
Jaron Glenn, Rust College, fr. Indianapolis Manual
Nate Meriwether, Presentation College, fr. Indianapolis Manual
Casey Cody-Jackson, Missouri Valley College, fr. St. Louis Vashon
Nate Verstegen, St. Norbert College, fr. Sun Prairie
Ugnius Zilinskas, Kenyon College, fr. St. Louis Christian Academy
Quinn Curry, Multnomah University, fr. Chicago Westinghouse
Dylan Hogan, Hendrix College, fr. Little Rock Baptist Prep
Justin Mc Neal, Ripon College, fr. Genoa-Kingston
DaVonte’ Hughes, Greenville College, fr. St. Louis Miller Career Academy
James Shodimu, Pensacola Christian College, fr. St. Louis Christian Academy


Carl Gettis, Cleveland Browns (DB) Fort Zumwalt West
Wayne Dorsey, Oakland Raiders (DE) Towson Catholic
Colton Underwood, Oakland Raiders (LB) Washington
T.J. Moe, St. Louis Rams (WR) Fort Zumwalt West
Jimmie Hunt, Green Bay Packers (WR) Cahokia
Paul Mc Roberts, Los Angeles Rams (WR) St. Louis Soldan
Division I-
Carl Gettis, Missouri (DB) Fort Zumwalt West
Wayne Dorsey, Mississippi (DE) Towson Catholic
T.J. Moe, Missouri (S) Fort Zumwalt West
Dietrich Ringle, Houston (OT) Springdale Har-Ber
Jimmie Hunt,  Missouri (WR) Cahokia
Sam Arneson, Wisconsin (TE) Merrill
Dakota Getz, Iowa (TE) Macon Meridian
Faith Ekakitie, Iowa (DE) Lake Forest Academy
Christian Englum, Indiana (TE) Park Tudor
Harding Harper, Vanderbilt (LB) Montgomery Carver
Rodney Jaynes, Wyoming (WR) Chicago Hales Franciscan
Travis Bond, Northern Illinois (TE) Byron
Juwan Brescacin, Northern Illinois (TE) Culver Millitary Academy
Jake McCrary, Yale (S) Memphis Briarcrest
Malcolm Reed, South Carolina State (DE) Fayette County
Theo Taylor, Alabama A&M (WR) Chicago Hales Franciscan
Matt Scheible, SE Missouri State (QB) Washington, Mo
Aaron Wenger, SE Missouri State (LB) Versailles Morgan County
Paul Mc Roberts, SE Missouri State (WR) St. Louis Soldan
Ricky Johnson, Lousiana-Lafayette (WR) Lafayette Carencro
D.J. Bland, Eastern Illinois (DB) Chicago De La Salle
Chevaughn Lawrence, Army (WR) O’Fallon
Wayne Whiting, VMI (TE) Richmond Benedictine
Colton Underwood, Illinois State (DE) Washington
Connor Underwood, Indiana State (LB) Washington
Trae Wilson, Indiana State (DT) Indianapolis Howe
Zac Whitfield, North Texas (RB) Sherman
Jameel Gay, Albany (WR) Tampa Sickles
Chris Boudreaux, Dartmouth (TE) Lake Forest Academy
Alexis Nunley, Texas Southern (WR) St. Louis Miller Academy
Alex Kramer, Drake (DB) Springfield
Patrick Ivy, Mississippi Valley State (QB) Cahokia
Jeremy Johnson, Auburn (QB) Montgomery Carver
Aarion Maxey-Penton, Missouri (DB) St. Louis CBC
Parker Cothren, Penn State (DL) Hazel Green
Ade Aruna, Tulane (DE) La Lumiere School
Todd Porter, Eastern Michigan (QB) O’Fallon
Mitch Mersman, Tennessee-Martin (DB) Dickson County
Brandon Roberts, Illinois (DE) Peoria Richwoods
Trevor Daniel, Tennessee  (P) Dickson County
Rashad Williams, North Dakota (OT) Proviso East
Brennan Richmond, Army (DE) Milwaukee Riverside
Eric Lauderdale, Arizona State (WR) Fayette County
Freedom Akinmoladun, Nebraska (DE) Grandview
Nifae Lealao, Vanderbilt (DE) Capital Christian
Luke Rasmussen, Minnesota (OT) Brookfield Central
Armon Watts, Arkansas (DT) St. Louis CBC
Ryon’e Winters, Illinois State (DB) Grandview
Draequon Murphy, Arkansas State (QB) Montgomery Carver
Terry Wallen, Drake (DB) Brookfield Central
Tyris Lockhart, Central Arkansas (DB) St. Louis CBC
Khalil Rogers, Northern Illinois (LB) North Chicago
Demon Taylor, North Dakota (OT) Imagine College Prep
Otis Gerron, Austin Peay State (RB) Dickson County
Cameron Durley, Kansas (DT) Tilton School
Justice Shelton-Mosley, Harvard (DB) Sacramento Capital Christian
Justin Fitzpatrick, Western Illinois (WR) Fort Zumwalt North
DeMarco Washington, Illinois State (QB) Peoria Notre Dame
Jeff Jones, Eastern Illinois (TE) O’Fallon
Nick Aibuedefe, Fresno State (TE) Sacramento Capital Christian
Lyndell Wilson, Alabama (LB) Montgomery Carver
Marlon Davidson, Auburn, (DT) Montgomery Carver
Xavier Lane, Western Kentucky (WR) Montgomery Carver
Rhashaun Epting, New Mexico (LB) Proviso West
Damion Gillespie, Howard (WR) Peoria Richwoods
Nate Givhan, Toledo (LB) Montgomery Carver
Jamal Turner, Toledo (WR) Montgomery Carver
Jonathan Garvin, Miami (LB) Jacksonville Potter’s House Christian
Torre Boland, South Dakota State (LB) St. Louis Riverview Gardens
Division II
Eric Reimer, NW Missouri State (LB) Sussex Hamilton
Charles Leslie, Texas A&M-Commerce (LB) Sherman
Nate James, Texas A&M-Commerce (RB) Sherman
De Carlos Poole, Quincy (WR) Springfield
Skyler Suggs, Lindenwood (DE) Washington, MO
Isaac Fisher, Mc Kendree  (QB) Washington
Khyree Beckley, Mc Kendree (DB) Cahokia
Jake Stults, Mc Kendree (P) Springfield
Tyler Ashby, Mc Kendree (RB) Limestone
Rodney Held, North Alabama (DB) Hazel Green
Ben Chaney, Truman State  (DB) Troy Buchanan
Dalton Balster, Mc Kendree (WR) Springfield
Dylan Weaver, Mc Kendree  (DB) Liimestone
Arnold Shead, Minnesota State (DB) North Chicago
John Connolly, St. Joseph’s (LB) Chicago St. Rita
Martell Clark, Central State University (WR) Gary Lew Wallace
La’More Wise, Northeastern State (LB) St. Louis Miller Career Academy
Zane Snipes, Central Missouri State (DL) Grandview
Tre’ Johnson, Lindenwood (DB) Fort Zumwalt North
Codey Funk, Pittsburg State (OT) El Paso-Gridley
Jamal Stovall, St. Joseph’s (DB) Champaign Central
Alfred Evans, Quincy (OT) Chicago Westinghouse
Dennis Bryant, Kentucky State (QB) Proviso West
Luke Vaden, Ouachita Baptist (LB) Little Rock Baptist Prep
Freddy Okito, Assumption College (RB) Mooseheart
Eddie Randle, Fort Scott CC (DE) Chicago St. Rita
Noah Benson, College of Du Page (DE) Chillicothe IVC
Antonio Nelson, Coahoma Community College (DB) Montgomery Carver
LaKeldrick Gardner, Dodge City Community College (WR) Montgomery Carver
Small College
Troy Torrence, St. Francis  (WR) Chicago De La Salle
John Lessaris, Millikin (DT) Champaign Central
John Bouquet, Millikin (LB) O’Fallon
Dylan Sturgeon, Illinois Wesleyan (QB) Tolono Unity
Jordan Anderson, Bethel (LB) Marshall County
Jake Flegner, UW-La Crosse (DB) Sussex Hamilton
Mike Kelty, UW-Stevens Point (DB) Sussex Hamilton
T.J. Trau, Coe College (DE) East Peoria
Jamir Stovall, Robert Morris (WR) Champaign Central
Clark Browning, Lake Forest (S) Champaign Central
Malcolm Lites, Delaware Valley (RB) Academy of the New Church
Spencer Kirkenslager, Monmouth (TE) Illini West
Jake Willis, Monmouth (DT) East Peoria
Ryan Flannigan, Monmouth (DB) Pekin
Dan Semtner, Monmouth (LB) Chillicothe IVC
Ryan Augsburger, Aurora (DB) El Paso-Gridley
Michael Wiggins, Merrimack (LB) Chicago De La Salle
Eric Taris, Midland Lutheran (DT) Tampa Sickles
Jake Weston, Millikin (DT) Washington
Shane Moses, Coe College (DB) East Peoria
Dominic Carrol, Mac Murray (DB) Washington
Tucker Schwengel, Millikin (QB) Shelbyville
Kaleb Spiekermeier, St. Ambrose (DE) Illini West
Jeremye Johnson, William Penn (RB) Peoria Richwoods
Cortez Holman, Missouri Baptist (TE) Belleville East
Owen Mc Connell, Central College (OL) Erie
Tion Posey, Concordia University (DB) Champaign Central
Keshon Young, Monmouth College (RB) Alton Marquette
Donte Rowell, Lakeland College (DB) North Chicago
Colton Marshall, Augustana (QB) Washington
Edward Ware, Pacific Lutheran (WR) Sacramento Capital Christian
Bradley Smith, Montana Western (QB) Idaho Falls Bonneville
Marquise Cook, Arkansas Baptist College (DB) Chicago Al Raby
Jeff Austin, Arkansas Baptist College (LB) Chicago Al Raby
Devin Peterson, Lake Forest College (FS) Shelbyville
Steven Vogel, Carroll (DB) Roncalli Catholic
Cory Mc Gonigal, Hendrix College (QB) Little Rock Baptist Prep
Chad Mc Gonigal, Hendrix College (WR/K) Little Rock Baptist Prep
Austin Grabow, Illinois College (RB) Hillsboro
William Warren, Arkansas Baptist College (DT) St. Louis Northwest
Jett Haas, St. Ambrose (DB) Marmion Academy
Joe Jung, UW-Osh Kosh (DB) Neenah
Zach Miller, UW-Whitewater (WR) Genoa-Kingston
Jake Beesley, North Central College (WR) Champaign Central
Jaimin Carter, Carthage College (DB) Urbana


Joe Lincoln, MIssouri Southern Tipton
* Drafted by Los Angeles Dodgers, 34th Round- 2010
Amir Garrett, St. John’s Findlay Prep
* Drafted by Cincinnati Red, 22nd Round- 2011  
Tyler Schimpf, University of Texas Capital Christian
* Drafted by San Francisco Giants, 8th Round- 2017
Mason Mc Coy, University of Iowa Washington
 * Drafted by Baltimore Orioles, 6th Round- 2017
Keenan Johnson, Indiana Lake Forest Academy
Kyle Nelson, Illinois State Madison Memorial
Joel Learnard, Illinois State Salt Fork
Joe Kelch, Illinois State East Peoria
Chuck Shempf, Illinois State Limestone
Jerrod Eigsti, Bradley Eureka
Sam Kelly, Bradley Varna Midland
Zack Smith, St. Louis Fort Zumwalt South
Cam Strang, Eastern Illinois Champaign Central
Brock Adcock, Eastern Kentucky Chillicothe IVC
Nick Waltz, Butler Rockville
Alex Stoddard, IUPUI Whitko
Tyler Schimpf, Texas Capital Christian
Kohl Hostert, Oregon Idaho Falls Bonneville
Zach Barnhart, Illinois Springfield
Alec Altmyer, Illinois State Champaign Central
John Witkowski, Boston College Tilton School
Mason Mc Coy, Iowa Washington
Tyler Schimpf, Texas Sacramento Capital Christian
Elijah Goodman, UW-Milwaukee Brookfield Central
Cole Cook, Bradley Washington
Casey Danley, Texas-Rio Grande Valley Washington
Bradley Harrison, Southern Illinois O’Fallon
Tiegen Jones, Fresno State Sacramento Capital Christian
Colton Johnson, Illinois State Kewanee
Brady Huffman, Illinois State Genoa-Kingston
@Ben Hauser, Air Force Sun Prairie
Mike Eagan, Eckerd Hazelwood Central
Jaelen Gilkey, Miles College St. Louis CBC
Sam Reuter, Truman State Chillicothe IVC
Dylan Lonteen, Washburn Peoria Richwoods
Tanner Smith, Fort Hays State Washington
Braedon Blackford, Carl Sandburg College Peoria Notre Dame
Bryce Nolan, Illinois Valley Community College Kewanee
Cade Sestak, Lincoln Land Community College Champaign Central


Zebo Zebe, Illinois Tolono Unity
Dominique Downing, Indiana State Indianapolis Howe
Floyd Hoskin, Detroit Mercy Gary Bowman
Andrew Stull, Indiana State Carmel
Marcus Paulson, Minnesota Sussex Hamilton
Jarvis Gotch, Louisiana Tech Lafayette Carencro
Sean-Pat Oswald, Duke Roncalli Catholic
Oumaru Abdulahi, Marquette Mooseheart
Makiya Smallwood, Nebraska Michigan City
Earnie Sears, USC Mission Hills Bishop Alemany
@Seth Groom, Iowa Marmion Academy