1. Zion Williamson, Spartanburg Day 2016  Soaring Super Jam off the Break- Five different Times!!!
  2. Senario Hillman, Wilkinson County 2006 Tomahawk Slam from 12 feet out
  3. Hanner Perea, La Lumiere School 2010 Atomic Alley-OOP off the baseline
  4. Adrio Bailey and Brenton Toussaint, Campti Lakeview 2014 Two Players slam the ball at the same time!!
  5. Jerryd Bayless, Phoenix St. Mary’s 2006  Two-Hand Monster Slam thru the Lane
  6. Detrick Mostella, La Lumiere School 2012  360-Dunk off the Break
  7. Zion Williamson, Spartanburg Day 2016 Thunder Jam off his own miss!
  8. Branden Dawson, Gary Lew Wallace 2010 Vicious One-Hand Bruiser Flush
  9. Craig Sword, Montgomery Carver 2011  Johnson to Sword off Backboard
  10. Senario Hillman, Wilkinson County 2006  Reverse Slam on the Break
  11. Detrick Mostella, La Lumiere School 2012- Baseline Side Backboard Tap and Slam
  12. Markese Jacobs, Chicago Uplift 2016 Windmill Slam in transition