The 2021 Kevin Brown Memorial Tournament of Champions will feature 8 sessions: 1 each, Tuesday and Thursday nights; 2 each, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Games will be played at Washington Community High School, which is located at 115 Bondurant Street, Washington, Illinois. In addition to single session tickets, we will offer an all-session pass that includes all eight (8) sessions in the event.

Ticket and Pass Prices:

Single Session Ticket

  • $7 – Adults
  • $5 – Seniors (60 & Above) and Students (K-12)

8-Session Pass (Includes Tournament Program)

  • $35 – Adults
  • $20 – Seniors (60 & Above) and Students (K-12)

Wednesday All Day Pass
Friday All Day Pass
Saturday All Day Pass

$12- Adults
$8- Students (K-12) and Seniors (60 and above)